Is it normal?



im 29, have 2 children both breastfed for 3 years each. I do have other illnesses but I’ve just returned from my breast clinic appointment where the dr did an ultrasound and called my mass “ill defined changes” he proceeded to take 3 biopsies from my breast & 2 from my lymph node near my armpit area. He then asked me to have a mammogram if I wasn’t too sore. I had one. They were quite thorough with the angles. 


Ive got my results appointment next Thursday. 


My friends mum Mum said they would usually do a biopsy or a mammogram except they were concerned. So I was expecting an ultrasound & a FNA at a push. 


I want  to know a) if you all think this was normal procedure b) how to survive the waiting. 

Hi Daisy,
They are always very thorough at the breast clinic & a biopsy will be done if it’s not absolutely clear what it is, so it is normal procedure, although not everyone will have one done. It does not necessarily mean it will be bc, but they do have to be absolutely sure.
Waiting for results is so difficult, we all know what that’s like. It can help just to carry on as normal, keep yourself busy & do things to distract yourself. Google really is best avoided, as you won’t get an answer & it only tends to feed anxiety.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on & take care.
ann x

Thank you Ann, you are right . It’s going to be a looooong week!