Is it safe to have eyebrow threading whilst having chemo?

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I’ve just signed up today as I’ve just had my first round of chemo and have random questions I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with! 

I’ve decided to take control and am having my hair shaved on Friday! I absolutely love my hair, so am gutted but would rather do that than see it gradually fall out. I’m praying I keep my eyebrows, which leads to me the question of is it OK to get them threaded whilst having chemo? I’m not sure if that’s a silly question and if there’s a specific reason why I shouldn’t but if anyone can help, please let me know!

Cheese :heart: Well done getting 1st chemo ticked off. Have you thought about donating your hair to little princes trust they make wigs for children and give them to them for free. It helped me when I knew I was going to loose my hair though chemo, turned it into a positive to be able to help ? I’m not sure about eyebrows, I was on fec t and eyebrows went. Sign up for a look good feel better session at your local Macmillan and also the ladies in boots will also show you how to do brows if you loose them, also some good tutorials on line using powder and angled brush to do brows with too. ?hope this helps ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Cheesy


First of all, well done for completing the first chemo. I agree it’s important to take control and pre-empt some of the ‘horrors’ but, from my own experience, I’d say don’t jump the gun with a head shave. My oncologist was emphatic that I would lose my hair by the second Paclitaxel treatment, after it had resisted the three EC treatments. I had already had a lovely buzzcut (number 6) because I didn’t like the sensation of my shortish hair sliding out but I kept my head of hair to the very end and into post-chemo regrowth. It was a bit sparse but it was a head of hair and I only wore my wig a few times. I’m now going through the chemo-curl phase, the original hair still going strong - my husband says if I were 50 years younger, it would be cute!


Threading should do no harm (but be wary of opened pores and infection). If it makes you feel good, then it’s not a waste of money, but all hair is affected, some going very quickly. I was lucky and had some eyebrows left but I lost all the fine hair and, most tragic, I lost my eyelashes, only 3 and 5 holding on to the very end. However, I often wear glasses so it was no problem. I missed the beauty course as I wasn’t well enough during chemo to actually go but I regret missing it - I noticed skin changes and advice would have been welcome. Be prepared for losing hair you tend not to notice but which has practical implications: nasal hair = runny nose; pubic hair = peeing in multiple directions. Personally, I felt it was important to see the funny side of it all as far as possible. 


Good luck on whatever you choose to have done on Friday and enjoy the course and the freebies.


I think you are all wonderful, I’m seeing the oncologist on Monday regarding Chemo discussions.


Is the treatment / meds length duration different for everyone?  I guess so.


Best wishes to every one.


I never thought about losing nasal hair, your post did make me chuckle toward the end Jan :)  x x