is it spreading

hi i have had lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy three weeks ago. I amfeeling fit and healthy. I was told my lymph glands were clear but they found two more spots in the area close by. So they suggest a mastectomy now…i am waiting but one thing is bothering me… At the time i had my op the glandswere clear could they now be infected from the other spots of cancer they found while i am waiting. Do i need another biopsy etc. sorry to be ignorant but its been on my mind. The spots they found must have been very small as not on mammogram or scan or were they missed… any help appreciated thanks

Hi jal7777

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Hi Jaz7777.

I followed a similar path to you. Have they said that should you have the mastectomy they will take lymph nodes sampling? I thought they did with a lumpectomy as part of the investigations, they did with me. If they have said they aren’t perhaps you should discuss your concerns with the consultant.

Take care


Please do ask your consultant or breast care nurse. They are the best people to answer your worries.

My amateur view would be that if your lymph nodes were clear a couple of weeks ago they are likely to be so when you have your mastectomy.

best wishes


Hi again Jal7777,

I obviously was slack in reading your posting, and spelt your name wrong!
If I had I would ditto Jane,

Take care


Hi Carol.
thanks for the reply. yes i had lymph glands some tested with my lumpectomy and they were clear. t was suggested a mastecomy as they found two more spots in the area surrounding lumpectomy. my ? was will they have spread in the waiting time or does it take ages to get to lymph glands or will they take more when do mastectomy. i wll ask consultant when i go for measure up but just wondered if anyone knew in meantinme . thanks again
julie. you are all so kind.

Hi again Jal7777

I tend to agree with Jane that lymph nodes affected by cancer would not grow in two weeks, however not wishing to worry you but the lumps that have since been found could have already been there but not palpable. When I felt my lumps they seemed to have come up very quickly. I was paranoid about checking myself after the lumpectomy and the new lumps appeared to come up overnight.

I feel they may well do a total clearance if the do a mastectomy, more as a preventative measure than anything but they will test the nodes to see if any are cancerous.

PLEASE REMEMBER this condition is treatable so do not panic. You may be anxious but thats to be expected. I am very fit and well despite having recurrences.

My story briefly is
Nov 05 I felt a lump in my left breast
Dec 05 Lumpectomy and 8 node surgery ( 1 nodes cancerous) followed by 6 x FEC 25 Rads
Dec06 I felt a lump in my armpit.
Jan 07 total lymph node clearance, (1 node cancerous) No follow up treatment
Aug 07 I felt another lump on my scar line of the lumpectomy.
Sept 07 Mastectomy to be followed by Chemo and possibly Herceptin (I will know on Tuesday).

All the treatment I have been through was bearable, just tiring and at times frustrating but I know I will get the best help available and staying positive (Well most of the time) has been the biggest source of comfort to me.

Good luck


hi carol
thank you so much i do feel better about it now. its just in back of mind as everything done so far is on precautionary side even from first visit to doctor. i am so grateful to all concerned but one thing leads to another and all in a few weeks. i do think in time it will go a bit further to back of mind… but never go away. i will always wonder…i was sick with worry and cried my eyes out last Thursday night as knew was getting phone call Fri with results of MRI and date to go in. then 10.30 came and a phone call to say haven’t got MRI results back from Tues pm. not enough time to study them. i hope this is true and not a bad thing. hence didn’t get date for op as MRI results may change things as this was to check the other breast…anyway in a way it was a relief i felt so good and decided to spend the weekend doing Xmas shopping as realised i Will be out of action for a while and Xmas will b really close then. so this pm i am going to make mince pies for the freezer and poss Xmas cake tomorrow. i hate cooking and these r the only two things i do. then will worry and panic as next fri approaches. sorry to go on but carol you have answered a few of my threads and i am really grateful for your support. it helps.
take care

Hi Julie,

You don’t ‘go on’
We all like to say whats on our mind, I think this site helps no end and I think we can say things that we do not want to burden our family with.

I trust the mince pies turned out fine. Now that’s something I will never attempt baking, I loathe it.



hi Carol
The mince pies turned out fine i couldn’t stop. made some for my daughter and son. some for us now and some for the family when they come over Xmas eve and some for my sister and family when they come down in between Xmas and new year. about 6 dozen in all. Nothing else got done in the house though. sorry cant offer u one with a coffee as i think you said u lived a way away.
take care