Is it the pills or the low oestrogen?

Pain and fatigue driving me bonkers so I’m trying to figure out how much AI’s will actually benefit me.

My question is, are all the side effects due to the chemicals in the pills or is it low oestrogen itself causing them? Or Is it a chicken and egg scenario?

I had a month break and starting feeling so much better. Switched AI’s and after 3 weeks the side effects are back with a vengeance.

Thanks for your time

I am no expert but I am assuming it’s the lack of oestrogen causes it all because oestrogen is needed to keep so many things working well/properly. 

Do persevere body adapts after four years my joints bit creaky but no pain and I walk every day several miles that’s really important. Stay active ! 

I am now seriously contemplating taking a break of 2-3 months from letrozole, I’m at the end of my tether and really had enough. Pains in my shoulders/arms/hands have not got any better, severe pain in thumbs, trigger finger every time I use my hand which I then have to unlock with my opposite hand. My upper arms feel as if they are in a vice. If I have to suffer these pains for the next 3+ years then its just too much. I don’t know whether to discuss it first with the BCN or just go ahead of my own accord. This is what I posted a few weeks ago…

“Been taking letrozole for 18 months now, had stiff/achy hands on waking which would gradually wear off as the day progressed but in the last few months more painful symptoms have appeared. Pain in both elbows on waking but thankfully have now gone, however few weeks later…aches in both upper arms/shoulders (arms feel weak), then sudden pains in both hands, severe pain in both thumbs, a trigger finger on each hand, can’t close either hand in a tight grip or hold a pen properly to write or able to twist open lids. Why such pains after 18 months of letrozole? At 66, I appreciate I’m not immune to the ageing process but these symptoms are so “all of a sudden”. Reports say any symptoms settle down after a few months (not to mention the insomnia/hot flushes/palpitations!) once the body becomes used to this drug but with these sudden pains after 18 months then I honestly don’t want to think of what five years of letrozole will do!”


Thought I’d follow up on this to let you know not longer after I posted I switched to Anastrazole. Side effects less severe all round. My thumb/wrist pain gone.

Then in June I had an oophorectomy which meant I could stop the monthly Goserelin injections which further improved side effects.

Still have tired phases, sometimes stiff when I haven’t been moving about much. Some days I still get brain fog but overall everything thankfully better.

Answering my own question, yes it’s the pills and the low oestrogen but swapping pills might help.


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