Is it worth continuing on cold cap if hair already lost?

I’m going for 3rd fec Friday. Massive hair thinning and hair loss post 2nd fec so made decision to have head shaved as so fed up of hair everywhere and friar tuck look. Felt much better after this.My dillema is should I continue to conserve what’s left and continue with cold cap as have half cm left where hair remains or just give up? I personally don’t mind the cold cap so it’s not an issue wearing it…just wondering whether it will be better for the grow back or not.have 3 taxotere cycles after this too.Any experience or advice appreciated.

Hi MooMoo,

I am having the same dilemma as you.  I had my 3rd FEC yesterday and I found the cold cap really painful and uncomfortable this time.  I have lost about 80% of my hair but have decided not to shave it’s very wispy and I have trimmed off some of the longer bits.  The nurses were concerned that using the cap with so little hair could cause freeze burns to my scalp.  I am thinking that I will probably not be using it for the next 2 but might go on the Paxman site to ask there advice.

Thanks fel70 my chemo been delayed due to snow but having 3rd fec tomorrow now and still can decide…probably only 20% hair left on my shaven head so not sure still x I’ll look at taxman site too thanks

Paxman I meant x

Hi fel70 had 3rd fec today in end just to say like you 20% hair left only and mine shaven but still tolerated paxman fine but the nurse put a disposable theatre cap on when i asked as I had seen others try this and it helped I think as wasn’t stuck to cap either afterwards. Usually after first 10mins brain freeze then settled x good luck for next time xx

I had FEC-T in 2011 for triple negative breast cancer, aged 38 at the time.  Unfortunately after the taxotere my hair didn’t grow back much and I was left with my only option of wearing a wig full time which devastated me.  I’ve had therapy as it’s left me feeling so down about my appearance and I found such a lack of help from the hospital even though my nurse has since admitted they’ve had more women in recent years reporting continued hair loss.  I didn’t try the cold cap as I assumed my hair would grow back, but given a chance to go back I would definitely try it in the hope it would help.  I understand it’s not pleasant and some women can’t tolerate it but I would say please please persevere if you can, as continued hair loss should it happen is devastating.  

Thankyou for taking the time to reply. I am sorry about your experience and believe I would find it difficult to cope if I thought my hair wouldn’t come back as in your case. I’ve always had such thick hair too and would find it difficult. As I don’t find the cold cap an problem having I’ve decided I will therefore you say if there is a chance it will help I will take it. Thanks for helping me decide x

Hello moo moo,
To cut a long story short, I was in a similar position. After direct communication with Mr Paxman, I decided to continue cold capping whilst wearing one of my very thin sleep caps.
I am glad I did; it is one of the few treatment decisions I do not regret.
Cold capping never saved my hair during treatment, although even after my buzz cut, I was never completely bald.
However, I continued because I thought it could protect regrowth and I had read about the possible effects of Tax treatment.
New hair growth was noticeable after 1st Tax. I finished Chemo in March 17 and had enough cover by mid May 17 to give my hats a much needed rest. (I never bothered with my wig!).
I have noticed some of my body hair has still not returned to it’s pre-chemo stage. Who knows? That could have been my head hair too.
One of the reasons for continuing was because I had read about the rare Tax side effects. Too often, I have also noticed medical and cancer support organisation’s staff dismissing such possibilities. How disrespectful to those women and men that this has happened to. There are enough slaps in the face to deal with without this.
Regards and best wishes to all x

Thanks for your help chick it’s great getting others experiences to help inform what to expect so appreciate your help.ive already dismissed my wig been and got various hats today and will continue cold capping whatever! It’s good to get an idea how long it takes to regrow thanks xx

SLB really very sorry to hear your story. I think there is some group action going on in the states. My sister sent me this article on stick-on hair by Decca Aitkenhead that you might be interested in. I don’t know what it costs though. It makes me really angry that the NHS is still prescribing a drug which can cause permanent hair loss. There are similar drugs which have the same track record on cancer without the risk of permanent hair loss. I guess it’s probably about money. Some of my hair took a year or so to come back. x

Sorry here’s the article

Hi chick1, I have had my 2nd fec and due the 3rd in weeks time, my problem is I have been using the cold cap and have lost 75% of my hair mostly from the top which is quite bald and the rest as thinned right out, now the problem my chemo nurse as said if I loose more than 50% of my hair I won’t get the cold cap, but I do wish to continue and I read your bit about using a thin night cap underneath did you still wet your hair before hand that’s if they allow me to try it again