Is it wrong to feel positive?

Had a biopsy taken 2 days ago so only suspicious at the moment although Consultant thinks will be cancerous. Trouble is I keep thinking I will have treatment and eventually be able to get on with my life. I am not usually a glass half full person so this is strange for me. Am I being to optimistic?

Hi Jane,

Not at all! Fortunately, that’s the outcome for the vast majority of us.

I too felt as you do when first diagnosed, although of course, it does also feel scary too.

I did not need chemo & was back to life as normal after a few months.

ann x



I totally agree with ann, we were diagnosed around the same time and had a similar treatment plan.  From the first, once I had got over the shock of being diagnosed as it was following a routine mammo, I was determined that I would deal with whatever it threw at me but one thing was for sure I was going to come out the other side, which I have done and living life as before.


I have always been a glass half full girl myself.


Helena xxx

Nothing wrong with being positive.  It was a shock when my lump was discovered but my op was successful and it had not spread to lymph nodes so I am currently having radiotherapy/ no chemo.  I am so thankful it has been caught early and have tried to remain positive throughout.  It’s amazing what they can do now.  Don’t get me wrong I have off days but on the whole I think remaining positive has helped.  Although since my original shock of diagnosis all the news I have been given has been positive so yes I am very lucky and hopefully you will be too.  Positivity definitely doesn’t hurt ?xxx Hope all goes well for you xxx

It’s strange as was talking to my mum today. I’m 49 and before this the only thoughts I had towards cancer was negative and now I’ve been diagnosed  my thoughts are positive. So my answer is be positive but expect a few wobbles along the way. I’ve not had my op yet and have been ok but last night I was in floods of tears but. I’m back as positive me today xxxx vic xxxx