Is my expander leaking?

Hi there, has anyone suffered from a leaking expander cos I think mine might be but not sure. I’ve been quite ‘sensitive’ bout my expander since it was fitted a few weeks ago and have had quite a few problems with it. Over the last couple of days it feels as tho it has got smaller and the skin underneath it has become saggy and feels quite boggy and |I have a burning sensation at times. My partner thinks I’m just stressing over nothing but I’m not sure. One problem is that I had to go out of area to get my surgery undertaken as it wasnt offered by local PS’s as routine as I hadnt suffered from cancer but still ended up with a mastectomy (long Story) so to get it checked by my PS I have a 2 hour journey. I just dont know what to do.
Would really value someone elses opinion esp if its happened to you
Thank you so much
Fiona x

Hi nurseyuk

Whilst you wait for the other forum users to reply with their experience may I suggest you ring the BCC helpline to talk through your concerns. Here you can speak to one of our trained members of staff who will be able to offer you support and information.

The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi nurseyuk
I had a becker implant for about 5 years. I then noticed that it was getting smaller and the skin around it was sagging and was referred for an MRI scan which confirmed that it was leaking. I was told that it would have to be removed and I then had a DIEP flap about a year ago. However, as you have only had yours for a few weeks, it may be that it is still adjusting? I was told that it is unusual for it to leak, even after 5 years. It is certainly worth going back to your PS and it is a shame that you have such a long journey. They confirmed that mine was leaking in July and I didn’t have my surgery until December (it hadn’t leaked outside the outer capsule) so it wasn’t urgent urgent. I hope everything is OK with you, but its worth checking out just for your own piece of mind.

Hi Carole
Thanks for the advice. I have now seen my consultant and the registrar. The reg thinks its leaking, the consultant isnt so sure so they have referred me on for a scan to comfirm whether it is or not lol now I am really confused. I’ll just have to wait and see I supppose
Take care

Hi Fiona
You’ve done the best thing having it checked - at least you won’t be worried wondering if its leaking or not. Hope everything goes OK and the results are good. Happy New Year.