Is my mums cancer back?

My mum had breast cancer 5 years ago and has been having yearly mammograms since- her last one being 2 weeks ago.

She has received a letter calling her back in but nor advising why and what had been found.

We are all scared that the cancer has come back and mum is particularly worried that if it has, she won’t be so lucky this time.

Does anyone know why they might have called her back? Is it to tell her the cancer is back? The appointment is next week (9th march).

Thanks in advance for any help x

hi Candy,
Off course you are going to worry until its resolved, its hard to avoid. Obviously, the mammo has picked up something that needs a further look, but it does not necessarily mean its bc.
wishing you & your mum the very best.
ann x

Thanks for your kind words, Ann. Mum was diagnosed with Stage 2 bc on Thursday.

Will start a new post asking for help about the CT scan and chemo that she is due to start. Feel so useless and want somebody to tell me it will all be OK…Can’t stop crying xx

Hi Candy ,there are lots of ladies on this site who have had breast cancer more than once ,just because it comes back it does not mean it can’t be kicked into touch a second time .Best wishes to you and your Mum.