Is St John's Wort safe to take?

I have taken this in the past - before breast cancer - for the winter blues. I feel in the need of something now, but does anyone know if it is now safe for me to take? I am on tamoxifen.


I was told not to stop taking it on dx as it affects the effectiveness of tamoxifen and some chemo drugs too. Have you tried a light for SAD? Expensive but Christmas is coming, my SIL swears by hers (and my brother agrees!)

I have read somewhere on the internet that it is not safe to take with Tamoxifen. Personally I wouldn’t chance it

I was advised by my onc not to take it. I could certainly use it now as I have found it effective in the past, but not worth the risk now.

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The BCC ‘Tamoxifen’ publication contains information about St Johns Wort which you may find of interest, you can read or order this here:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/124/

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Thanks everyone, as usual there’s always someone who knows the answer. I’ve taken a look at the BCC publication that Lucy posted the link to, and it specifically states that St John’s Wort interferes with Tamoxifen and should not be taken.

I might consider looking into a SAD light if this continues after Christmas.

Road Runner, Think about a SAD light sooner, if you regularly get the winter blues, it can make a big difference for about £100 and half an hour or so in the mornings
Lavender Blue at times