Is the size of the lump a major factor?

I’ve just found out this evening that my mum (58) has a very small cancerous lump near her right nipple. It’s so small that the docs couldn’t feel it but it showed up on the scan and was confirmed as cancer during the biopsy. She is booked in to have the lump removed at the end of this month. I’m trying to find out if the fact it is so small a lump is a positive thing? Does this mean it is less aggressive or can it still be just as bad even though its so small?

I cannot attempt to describe what an incredible brilliant woman my mum is and I just want to be the strongest daughter possible tomorrow when I go home to see her. I don’t want mum to see me so distraught and am hoping the more info I can find the more ‘together’ i’ll be tomorrow for her.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Best wishes, Claire82

Dear Claire,
Big or small it doesn’t matter it depends on the stage and grade, usually they can tell you that after the operation.
Usually though it is better that it is small and they do the surgery first then whatever treatment is necessay afterwards, the first time i had cancer my lump was the size of a pea but it had still managed to spread to my lymph-nodes, i still had a good 16 years before it came back, back then it was a grade 3 stage 3 hormone neg and they said it was quite agressive, so it goes to show nothing is ever as it seems and a lot depends on luck too.
Hope it is a low grade for your mum and she gets well and stays well for a very long time.
good luck and good wishes

Aggressiveness tends to depend on grade of cancer[1,2 or 3] with 3 being the most aggressive.However small is always better and if it is below 2cm that is excellent in terms of prognosis as it is less likely to have spread outside the breast.
let us know how your mum gets on.
Love Valx

Hi Claire just to wish you and your mum well. I couldn’t feel my lump it was found on routine mammo. Surgeon and Onc couldn.t feel it either but it was a grade 1 cancer and was 21mm when it was removed. Size is just one of the things taken into consideration when decisions are being made re treatment plans, tests will give a clearer idea of what it is and what the treatment will be. Then you will have a better idea of the plan for your mum. Wishing you well. Jackie

Sorry about your mum’s news, she is lucky to have a supportive daughter! Treatment and prognosis depend on many indicators, size of lump, stage, grade, lymphnode involvement, age, menopausal status, hormone statices, just to name some. No two breast cancers are the same. Your mums medical team will hopefully take time to fully explain your mums results to you. Good luck! Tina