Is the treatment I have had enough??? Very anxious...

Hi, I was dx with Grade 2 invasive lobular b/cancer on 12th Jan 2010, the news was devastating as i didnt find a lump only slight discomfort in my breast and my GP wasnt concerned but referred me as a ‘precaution’.
I had a wide local excision and sentinel lymph node biopsy end Jan. Histology came back ok for the lymph nodes so there werent affected. Started rads 4 weeks after surgery and had 15 sessions. Taking tamoxifen.
I have lots questions going around in my head…probably because i’m still so frightened…

***Have I had enough treatment? I have read of some people with what appears to be same cancer diagnosis as me yet theyve had chemo, plus rads, so i’m worried in case i havent had enough treatment to stop it coming back etc.,

***I dont know what to look out for as to if its coming back, or as a secondary.

***I have been told I will have a check up every 6 months (alternating between surgeon and oncologist) and have a mamogram every year - thats all. Is this normal? Why no bone scans? Why no regular mri’s?

I feel sick with worry and I feel out of control…if anyone out there can answer any of my questions above i’d be very grateful…

luv to all

Hi Mexico

I am sorry to read that you are feeling so low, I am sure your fellow forum users will be along shortly to support you, in addition, you may find the BCC publication ‘Your follow up after breast cancer-what next?’ publication helpful to read, you can read, order or download it via this link:

The publication contains information about our other support services which you may find useful too, our helpline reopens Tuesday 2nd June after the Bank Holiday.

Take care

Hi mexcio,

Sounds like you’ve been through a lot and so sorry you have found yourself here.

I can help with some of you questions, but not all.

If you are taking tamoxifen, sounds like yours is hormonal sensitive. If that’s the case, then it should work very well for you.

If your lymph nodes haven’t been affected, it is very unlikely that it has spread further. That’s why there is no need for bone scans or MRIs. Those scans are usually used for checking secondaries - further spread to other organs.

If you notice any differences or unexplained aches and pains, make sure you go and make an appt. You may be worrying about nothing, but always helpful to get it checked to put your mind at ease.

Hope that’s a little helpful

Take care xx

Hi Mexico. After my first routine mammogram, I was dx Dec 08, with grade 2 lobular, like you, although I did have isolated tumour cells in the sentinel node. I had exactly the same treatment(except I had to wait 11 weeks for rads!!). No chemo. My oncologist told me that the percentage benefit I would gain from chemo would not outweigh the disadvantages of chemo. I was quite happy not to have it.

I am having 6 monthly checks and had my first mammo since treatment in Feb this year. Everything was fine.

It’s understandable that you are shocked and concerned. We all want to do everything possible to beat this disease. But your treatment has happened very fast and it takes time to get your head around things. You won’t get mri or bone scan unless they are concerned about anything, because it is extremely unlikely that it has spread.

As you can see from my experience, lobular can be picked up on a mammo, although it is more difficult to spot. However, they will be very vigilant when looking at your mammos in the future, because you have had bc. Please try not to worry (easier said that done, I know) and if you find that impossible try to speak to a bcn and tell her your concerns. I am sure she will be able to reassure you and that’s what they are there for. You will find that you worry less as time goes on and your life gets back to a more normal state.

Good luck and if you want to PM me, feel free.

Sal x

Hi mexico it is very ususal not to have regular scans after primary treatment,in fact I refused them when they were offered.chemo is usually for node inv,grade3,tumour over 2cm,triple neg,inflammatory bc or Her+.
Try not to be too afraid[easily said]just watch out for unusual symptoms and ring your bcn if any last for more than 3 weeks.You will be offered scans if needed I promise :slight_smile:

Hi, I was dx with ILC in feb this year, mine was multifocal with DCIS, I had a radical mx and and axillary node clearance. It’s a grade2 Er+ and I am having chemo only because the tumour size added up to >2cm, my nodes were clear, I won’t have rads, I have not had any bone scans, etc. There will be 5 years tamoxifen. I am sure your team will make sure you will be closely monitored and because ILC can be tricky to spot they will probably make extra sure everything is clear at your check up. If there was no vascular invasion and your nodes are clear your prognosis should be very good. Most oncologist use adjuvant online and can explain what percentages are gained from treatments depending on your pathology. Best Wishes. Tinaxx

mexico - I am similar to you, but probably a bit older. I was diagnosed with Grade 2, lobular bc last August. I had a WLE/SNB in September, no node involvement. I had 15 sessions of rads plus 4 boosters in Dec/Jan and am taking Letrozole. I was told the risks of chemo outweighed the benefits in my case.

As far as follow up goes, mine is similar to yours, but every four months for the first year.

As far as secondaries go, just look out for anything unusual. I have an appt with my surgeon in a fortnight. That is something I am going to ask about.

Try not to worry. I am sure your medical team are doing what is right for your particular case.

Ann xxx