Is there a support group in East Sussex?

I could really do with some support, I feel I have no one to talk to about my BC dx, which was over three years ago but my family and friends never talk to me about it as they think I look well and always cope. (which I have done) I have just moved to Uckfield and would welcome some chats and would also like to offer my support to any new BC dx.

Hi Jenny,
There is a support group who meet in Cuckfield West Sussex . A bit of a way from you but the ladies come from all over Sussex and are lovely. If you are interested contact Debbi the BCN at the Princess Royal Haywards Heath. (not sure if I can post the phone no on here).

Hi Caroline

Thanks for reply, I will contact Princess Royal and try to speak to Debbi. How often do they meet?
I had all my treatment and surgery in Guildford as we were living that way, so it will be great to meet some other ladies this way and Haywards Heath is only 12 miles away.

Thanks again


Dear jenny
There is a breast cancer support group that meet at uckfield hospital on the last friday of the month
i find it very helpful i am sure you could just ring the hospital to find the details out.

Hi Janet

Thanks very much for the info, I will give them a ring.
Do they meet in the daytime or evening?


Hi jenny

They meet in the day time 10-12 ish a lovely group of ladies all of them diagnosed at different times
i have been going since April, cant go in October as i have a mammo that day .
If you look at the macmillian site you can find details there ,i think thats where i got them from, or just ring the Hospital

Hi Jenny

Debbie is my BCN and you could not wish for a better one. I did not go to any counselling/group sessions because I was too busy working, but I think they do some things at the Triangle Healing Centre which is on the site of the old Cuckfield Hospital - if I am allowed to do so, their website is I only became aware of their existence because I went their for a medical photographer to take photos of my mastectomy scar about 3 weeks ago.

Hope this helps.

Bubs X

sorry jenny my mammo is on 24th october
there will be a meeting on 31st october
i did try the Triangle Healing Centre no one phoned me back!!!
Perhaps you will have more sucsess!!


I work on fridays but maybe I will talk to my boss and see if I can swap days to come along on the 31st, do you think it is worth it? I have my mamo on a fortnight today ( not sure what the date is).
How long since your dx?


Funny that you also have 1955 after your name, I will try and speak with Debbie.

Thanks both of you for your time


Dear Jenny
I was diagnosed on June 29 th 2003! a date i remember well!
Two weeks today or i think yesterday is 21st October.
I found the group very useful i think it depends on what you want, sometimes we talk about cancer sometimes not
I am sure you know having had breast cancer is a very lonely thing to go through, but when you go to the group you find that all the others there are quite normal and talk about every day things the only one thing in common is we had or have breast cancer.