Is there any financial support available?

Hey all. Recently my wife has had to take time off work to allow for scans, check ups and various meets with different doctors. With her taking time off work it’s going to be hard to keep up with rent and other payments, and I’m trying to do more hours where I can with trying to support her as much as possible. I was wondering if there was any financial support from the government for people in this kind of situation? I can’t find much about it online, or on websites like this online calculator. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks very much in advance :))

Hi GManning,

Welcome to the forum. I can’t answer your question but wanted to suggest you also post your question in the 'Moving forwards after cancer", “Work, travel and finance” section. You might be more likely to find people who can help answer there.

Many empoyers do allow time for medical apppointments but I’m not sure what the legal requirements are. Is there anything in your partner’s employment contract or employers policies about time off for medical appointments?

You could also try ringing the Macmillan helpline.

I hope you manage to get the information you seek.



you can apply for a one off grant from Macmillan and this is around £400 I think. Macmillan are the best to ask for advice on other benefits. Take Care



My apologies about your wife. Hope all is going well! :slight_smile:


She might be able to claim PIP which will help - I’m not sure about the technicalities of it but it would be worth looking into. A grant from Macmillan could also be useful.


Also, I use this tax tool to calculate salaries around the household when gathering finances and sorting everything out. Could be useful for you?