Is there anybody else out there having 8 rounds of chemo?

Hi I have noticed that most people only have 6 rounds of chemo. I have had 4x 2weekly and have to have another 4x3 weekly starting with herceptin on round 6! I am HER 2 pos grade 3 invasive ductile plus Paget’s desease.Masectomy to follow then rads and drug for 5-10 years!

Although 6 is common, quite a few people do have 8. I am having the “normal” 3 weekly cycles, but had 4 EC and am now having 4 Tax. It varies depending on a lot of things. The characteristics of your cancer, your age, your health. Don’t worry that yours is different, but if you are anxious speak to your onc and ask them to explain your regime more to you.