Is this breast cancer?

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Is this breast cancer?

background: I’ve been breastfeeding for 9 months solely on the droopy side. My “good” side never produced milk properly. I also have breast implants.

I’ve been waiting over two months for an appointment at the Breast clinic and my GP marked it as non urgent. My appt is in mid October. 

I initially went to the doctor because of a dent in my breast. He said he could feel no lump and wasn’t concerned. I then when back a few weeks ago as I have redness around the breastfeeding side nipple that I couldn’t resolve. It’s finally cleared up a LOT by using Silcocks base. I’m honestly petrified at the difference in my breasts. Could this just be down to breastfeeding?? I feel so sick with worry and waiting more weeks for an appt. For context, I’m 29.

Could it just be an issue with your implant ? These things can really cause anxiety but vast majority of time breast changes are NOT cancer . October seems like a long way away when you are anxious I know :frowning_face: but your Gp would have referred you under the 2 week rule if they were concerned in any way . Just to advise you that the moderators will probably remove your photo as I don’t think they are allowed to show photos like this . Best wishes Jill x