is this how it always starts...

I found a lump last week. Its in my armpit, i think its a lymph node. Its hard, non movable, doesnt hurt, about an inch in size. My breast, i think, looks and feels fine.

I am 37, had my family already they are teenagers now, i am over weight, and cancer runs in the family.

I had pain in my nipples about 6 months ago, my breast were itchy but i thought nothing of it. I am now bruising really easily, have put weight on without any reason (i have to watch what i eat and do otherwise i would get huge). I am over tired all the time. I get dizzy spells and bouts of nausea.

AND i am too scared to go and get it checked out.

My gut feeling is that it is C and i am being a fool to myself and my family for not getting it seen too.

Hi squid

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I’m sure you’ll find them a great source of information and support.

This is bound to be difficult and concerning for you. Others will be along very soon I’m sure to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know about our Helpline. They can point you to other sources of help and information, but also talk through your symptoms with you if you feel it would help.

They’re open Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-2 and the number is 0808 800 6000. Do give them a call if you feel it would help to talk.

Best wishes.


Squid!! Call your GP first thing and get yourself an appointment. It could be lots of different things including a thyroid problem, an infection, not necessarily cancer. But whatever it is, you need to get it sorted. It’s scary - but leaving it could just make it worse and the reality might be less scary than what you’re imagining. The worrying and imagining is awful in itself. X

HI SQUID, PLEASE PLEASE GO GET CHECKED IT COULD PUT YOUR MIND AT REST AND IF IT DID TURN OUT TO BE CANCER THEY CAN GET ON WITH some treatment we all like to brush it under the carpet but its no good as the prob is still there,go to docs ans if you get referred to breast clinic thats standard practise but please go think of your lovely kids , treatment is so good these days and as i said before it could be totally unconnected with the c and your mind will be at ease hugs to you xxx please keep in touch with us forsupport xxx

Hi Squid,

Similar symptoms to me PLEASE PLEASE make appointment with doc ASAP.
you cant be too careful, not worth sitting on. we are here to support you, no matter what.

Keep pecker up Pat xx

Hi Squid,

It sounds like you are really worried about going to the doctors. it’s really scary going to get stuff checked in case you get bad news, but in the long run it’s probably worse to have it at the back of your mind for months, feeling like you can’t get on with things because you’re worrying about this. Go to the GP and get some tests so that you can move on. Even if it is cancer, at least you will be clear on it and able to take action. Get someone to go with you. Good luck :slight_smile:

Squid, please, please, for your sake and your family’s sake, go and see your GP.

It may or may not be cancer or a thyroid problem or something else entirely, but you’ve got to get it looked at asap and if necessary get some treatment started.

I know it’s hard - one of the scariest things you’ll do - I know because I found a lump and had to go to my GP. I’m so glad I did!

Please phone the Dr in the morning, make an appointment and then come and tell us you’ve done it. We’re all here for you, whatever happens (and we’ll nag you!) but you have to take that first step yourself.

Sending you loads of love and hugs,

Jane xxx

Hello! Little Miss Bossyboots here checking in to make sure you’ve called your GP…?! X

Sometimes it takes something like the comments of so many kind thoughtful people to make people like me do something.

I plucked up the courage, Dr saw me today. There is a lump, but she didnt find any lumps in my breast.

I told her my history family history etc, told her my “symptoms”. She said that given my age its probably not what i think it is (but i think they always say that). She noticed my breast did have a dry patch of skin, gave me some cream for it.

I have to go for bloods in the morning, then go back after my period, unless bloods show anything.

So if its not BC and clearly she said my lymph node was enlarged, so this could be an infection. What sort of infection, i feel fine in myself (apart from the itch, dizziness and sickness) but i dont feel like i have a cold or anything.

Have to say, i dont feel better but i do if you know what i mean. And this is it isnt it “this is how it always starts” up down up down. Then as women to actually spend the rest of our life worrying about our breasts.

Oh well, i am going to sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Thanks ladies…will keep you posted.

Hey Squid - well done to you for plucking up the courage to see your GP and good luck with your next appointment. You can always insist on a referral to the breast unit if you think it would put your mind at rest.
Best wishes.

Yaaay! Go Squid! A huge pat on the back to you for going to your GP.

In the nicest possible way, let’s hope it’s an infection. :slight_smile:

Now, don’t forget to go back when she’s told you to or you’ll have us lot to face again.

Good luck,

Jane xxx

well done squid - im sure it will be all fine and Im so very glad to went to your GP hun xxxxx

Where boobs are concerned NEVER take “it’s nothing” from a Doctor, insist on breast clinic referral, any changes could be nothing - or in my case it was NOT a boil but full blown boob cancer :o(

My cousin had a growth on her face, her doctor told her it was nothing - she left it for a few months until it was bleeding. Turned out to be cancer, now shes got a big hole in her cheek. Grrrrrr Doctors are NOT specialists!!!

Don’t worry yourself into a state, just make sure you visit the Breast Clinic.

Good luck

Daysie x

Hi all

Well, i had a bit of time to think about the Dr’s views etc. She said that she didnt think it was BC, she said i was too young. She had a prod and said there was nothing in the breast, but she noted that i had dry skin on my breast. She then gave me a scrip for some cream.

This was my first visit to this Dr as i have recently moved countries.

She then said that i should have some blood taken, and come back after my period.

OK so if i think about this, i actually dont feel to great about it. I told her i have a terrible itch, and that i am bruising real bad, she give me cream and suggests i have dry skin!! I told her that C runs in my family on both sides. She said i was too young. I am 37, there are poor girls out there much younger than me :frowning:

I went to bed and told myself “i am not going for blood tests in the morning, and thats that” i had a little lay in (very tired you see) and at the very last minute rushed down to get them done. So this is the next point, blood tests wont pick it up will they?

I have a lump, its not gone down, its still there, infact there are other knobbly nodes stemming off it. Its not my monthly. She said its probably an infection. In that case then what sort of infection? I dont feel like i have a cold. I feel “different” dizzy and itchy but not flu like.

Damn it, i dont know what to say or do. Do i trust the GP, who said “your too young” and she gave me a sort of “poor little hypochondriac” look. Or do i just wait a couple more weeks and go back. Then what?

Just an update.

Got the results of my blood tests. The Dr has looked at them and the receptionist told me that the Dr said they were ‘Satisfactory’. I have no idea what this is meant to mean? I still have the lump, i still feel unwell? And now i feel all confused :frowning:

I was in the bath last night and i looked down at my poor ole boob and told that i didn’t like it much!!

Hi ladies

I am still here.

I still have the lump in my left armpit, and now i have lumps in my right armpit. My right boob feels a little painful and when i checked my nipple its like pulled in a little. Another thing i noticed though, they are really not as “sensitive” as they were which is really odd…any ideas?

As i said i had bloods taken and they were all normal. I did eventually call the clinc to ask what tests they did, they did blood count, liver and kidney function and that was about it.

I have an exam this week so dont have time to go but i have to get back to the gp. when i called to speak to a Dr about what tests he made me an appointment to see the Dr the next day. I had to cancel because i didnt have the time to go down.

I feel really worried, i mean really worried. Something is not right, and rather than going away other lymph nodes are swollen, but they dont hurt, the left armpit does feel a bit heavy from time to time but thats it. I havent shaved since i found the lump and dont use any products if i can help it.

This is not very nice is it, i am trying not to worry, and just get on with my exams but its hard. :frowning:

Hi Squid,

I am sure other forums users will tell you this, but please do make an appointment to see your GP again and ask for a referral to a breast clinic where your symptoms can be looked at and diagnosed correctly. Do remember though that most breast problems are not breast cancer but do need to be looked at by the professionals.

Could I also suggest that you give the helpline here a ring and have a chat with one of the nurses. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 lines are open Mon - Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Regardless of what it is (hopefully something benign) there is SOMETHING going on that isn’t normal - and of course you’re worried.

It will normally take 2 weeks for a referral to the breast clinic, so I would go back to the GP - get a referral (hopefully just a short amount of time out of your day) and then get on with your exams before your appointment at the clinic. I know it’ll be worrying having the appointment looming in front of you - but at least you will then have answers and solutions - rather than just trying to get on with your exams with the whole worry hanging over you - but no solutions in sight.

Hi Squid
The worry seems to be worse than getting results so like everybody is telling you, “get it checked”
I also have an enlarged axillary lymph node, had it for nearly 8 weeks now. I’m 34 and have no idea what the problem is. have had u/s and biopsy and further u/s and biopsy this week!!! am starting to feel like a target for a hole punch!!! the wait is awful but now I’m on the way to a conclusion.
You will assume, worry, panic and go round and round in circles but ultimately you won’t know unless you get the people that know to do what they do.
Its very scary but without knowing you will be scared anyway.
I will keep checking and i hope you get it checked and you can then move on from there.
Big hugs

Hi everyone. Little update.

Had exam yesterday so now off till next term. Called docs this morning and I was seen this afternoon. Dr checked me again, agreed that node was still there. Dr checked both breasts and armpits because I have found lumps in both armpits. Dr agreed and also found a number of lumps in both breasts. Of for X-ray tomorrow then will be called to breast clinic.

My gut feeling is that I do have a problem. I have chest pains, sweating and this itch, but what is causing it I don’t know breast or lungs or lymph? I suppose I will just have to hope for the best.

Good luck to everyone else waiting big hugs.