Is this normal 10 days after lumpectomy?

Hi all, I’m a bit worried. Had lumpectomy and 2 nodes removed 10 days ago. Took the dressing off on Friday, as advised by BC nurse, and it still feels very swollen and sore. 

This morning the stitches…the soluble type…felt very tight so in the shower I took a few of them off…although I left the ones directly over the wound.

The wound itself feels very hard and swollen and is still painful when I touch it & sometimes without touching it. Is this normal? Worried I have an infection in it. 

I have appointment with consultant on Wednesday so I don’t think I need to get it seen to before then…do I? 

Any advice appreciated. Thanks, 

Pat xx 

Hi Pat you may have a seroma, its a lump of fluid that forms sometimes it’s quite normal and may need draining, it’s nothing to worry about but will likely need looking at, after 10 days mine had healed and was painless so sounds like you may have something going on, I would ring your BCN tomorrow and they will advise on what to do xx Jo 

Hi Pat,


I had my lumpectomy  plus 3 nodes removed on 18th May and had my dressing removed on 25th. I had dissolvable stitches. All seemed fine apart from some bruising and some swelling initially. However over the weekend my boob has become more swollen and I have a very hard lump underneath my scar and next to it, along with some mild pain and pins & needles down my arm. I phoned my BN today but as it’s a Bank Holiday there was no one there so phoned the ward and was told to come down.


I was examined by two staff nurses and a general surgical doctor and they said they are not immediately concerned but I have to go back tomorrow to see the Breast team.


I have done some reading up on here since I got back and it seems to be common but, yes, it is rather worrying.


I would do as Jo suggested and phone your BN tomorrow. Good luck and let us know how you get on. I will let you know how I get on also.


I’m a bit P****d off as I was hoping to start back driving and being more independent as of tomorrow and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself.


You are not alone, I think quite a few ladies get this and it usually resolves itself.


Best Wishes.


Hazel. xx

Thank you both so much. I’m going to call BC nurse this morning. 

Will let you know how it goes & all the best to both of you.

Pat xx

Spoke to BC nurse & she says it sounds like seroma and will deal with it at consultant appointment tomorrow. Thanks again for replies as I felt quite panicky this morning. 

Pat xx 

Hi Pat,


I saw my Breast Nurse and Surgeon today. They fitted me into their clinic although I didn’t have an appointment. They were both happy with my wound and unconcerned about the hard lump underneath my scar, also have a hard lump right next to scar, they said this was probably the “cavity” area?


I was advised that it could feel like this for up to 6 months, it’s not painful and not really uncomfortable, was just a bit worrying.


Hope you get on ok tomorrow.


Hazel. xx

I’ve got a hard lump beneath my scar, it’s just tissue filling the cavity, I’ve recently had my first year mammogram and all was clear, you will worry less about every lump and bump as the time goes on but it’s natural to worry, just try and remember that BC doesn’t grow over night! Xx

Thank you ladies. I go to bed tonight not freaking out!

Wishing you all a good night…together we are strong!

Pat xx 

Hi everyone, saw consultant this afternoon. He said the swelling is nothing to worry about…‘perfectly normal’ were his words & that it will go down eventually. He did say keep wearing the bra…& as I took it off for the day on Sunday I might have caused the problem myself. So good advice for us all. 

I hope that will reassure others who have a hard swelling near surgery site.

He also said my cancer was very small…only half a centremetre…was stage 1 and was all removed in surgery. So I feel very lucky and thankful about that. So pleased I went for that routine mammogram which seemed such a hassle at the time!

I will start 4 weeks of radiotherapy in a few weeks time and the drug Anastrozole (wish I’d asked him when I start that…anyone know?).

I got home, came to bed exhausted, and my cat threw up all over my bedside rug!!! Lol…talk about bringing a girl back down to earth!

Best wishes to all, 

Pat xx 

What is it with cats and bedding. Mine do too. Last week my cat West sick on the stairs in the night. Went down without looking…foot straight in it. Not impressed lol. Teach me to put my slippers on.??