is this real?

I ve just spent a week in hospital in terrible pain and i have finally been told the conclusions from the scan and various biopsies.the breast cancer has spread to the neck,chest,liver,kidney and stomach.they still want to do an mri scan as i ve had terrible pain in my spine and can no longer walk.All of this has happened in two months my head is reeling from the speed of it all.they ve told me i ve got a particularly aggressive form of cancer,is it just me?I reality does not feel real help

Dear Donata
I am very sorry to read your post and wanted to say that you may find it helpful to talk all this over with one of our helpliners who are here to support you, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000
This link will take you to further reading about secondary breast cancer when you are ready to read it and also further support from BCC:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Oh Donata I am so sorry to hear that , I hope they can slow things down and get you treated and well again

its natural to panic and feel that events are getting away  and perfectly understandable given your situation !

Try to keep focussed on getting back to health , I truly believe that mind set can help get you better  and at least improve your odds ,  try and imagine being back to normal , staying positive is half the battle .

Keep on fighting you have the doctors fighting for you too

R xxx

Hello Donata

I can’t comprehend the turmoil that you must be going through right now. I really hope that you have people around you who can help and support you through this difficult time.
And like Lucy says, the BCC helpliners ars just a phone call away.
Wishing you well hun
Lesley x

Dear Donata,


I’ve just returned after a few days break from this website and found your post. I am so very sorry to hear your diagnosis. There is nothing I can add to what everyone has said. I am going to put a prayer on the prayer thread for you, and I feel awful that I wasn’t around to answer you post immediatley. 


Just to add I will be thinking of you, please keep in touch for as long as you feel up to it, and let us know how you are getting on.


poemsgalore. xxx

I’m another member who is thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. Hugs and best wishes, Tracy XXX

Don’t give in
Or give up the fight
Never say ‘I can’t do this’
Always believe that you can
Trust that miracles can, and do happen
And you are stronger than you think.

From me to you with a ((((HUG))))
Lesley x

I am so sorry that you are having to endure such turmoil. Just want you to know you are in my thoughts and I will say a prayer for you. Please try to stay positive and to hang on to hope…The treatments out there are so advanced these days and the clinical trials are helping people fight this blasted disease. Hopefully there will be a treatment that can help you. Do not loose faith xx
Janey x

As others have said…Be strong, be positive. Sending big power hugs to you. You are in my thoughts. Dont give up xxx

I feel so sad for you. How are you doing…your posts have greatly touched me and make me realise how there is always somebody suffering more … Please let us nw how you are. Xxxxx