Is this right ????

My mother commenced chemo 8 days ago. I have seen her being so brave but expected something much worse…She has had sore heads, scalp getting small scabs on it, back is sore (In a bit of pain with this), Throat sore and sleeping much more…This is loads to contend with ontop of everything else but I know this is maybe the calm before the storm and everyone reacts different.
I cant help but phone her and when I see her I am always expecting much worse !! Is this right on the first session of chemo? or am I just hoping and wishing for it to be like this throughout? It took some work to get mum to even start the chemo and when she did she informed me “Not as traumatic as I thought it would have been” Do you think she is just doing this for my benefit as all I have done is worry? Sorry to rant just worried she isnt telling me the full story.

Hi Kim,
Your mum is lucky to have you! I would guess that she is telling you the truth as you are evidently close, and should she develop any other side effects she will probably tell you.

All chemo is different and everyone reacts differently. There is an enormous list of potential side effects - some of us get all of them some none, but most of us get a few at least. The things she is experiencing at the moment sound typical. Most chemos give gastric symptoms like heartburn, constipation and mouth ulcers but it really does vary.

You are being very supportive and as long as you continue to do that she’ll cope. Maybe she built it up into a huge mountain too, hence her reluctance to start in the first place. It IS accumulative, especially regarding fatigue, but most of us would say ‘it’s do-able’.

Good luck and love to you both

Td x

Hi Your mam is really luck to have you and that will help her as waitingangel has said what side effects you get depends on the indvidual. I personally sick for the day i have it for about 7 hours then i get really burning in my neck and chest with the shakes but by day 4 to 5 i am just tired i am sure your mam was like me you hear all the side effects i think no can not be doing that.
Take carex

Hi Kim

Not all the side effects will happen to one person!! I am undergoing kimo so I heard many ladies in my situation that they donot have very much side effects. But some of us do have some problems. Myself got sickness, heartburn, mouth ulcer, sleeping problems, hair loss, mood changes…etc…

I think the best to help for you mum is to help her with something praticial - like clean her house or do her shopping. No need to sit down worry about her or monitor her as she might need some alone time to recover. But make sure that she knows where you are and when she needs you you’d be aroud quickly- that will make her feel safer.

Hope everythng go well with your mum and take care


hi kim

although I had a few probs on the whole I wasn’t too bad on chemo … it is cumulative though

radio - now that was a different story …

… with chemo you can have a different experience each time too …

… you can take NOTHING for granted in this game …

glad it’s going well so far - good luck with the rest - hope she continues to be lucky
love FB xx

Thank you for all your comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply will keep you all posted how it is going !!

Take care
Kim x