Is this the 'F' of FEC

Just reading this and wondered is this the ‘F’ in the FEC cocktail?

Maybe one of the mods could answer this please

Hi Pineapple,

Yes the ‘F’ word is flurouracil! Sometimes goes under the name 5-FU. It is also the basis of xeloda (capecitabine) - think the body converts it to 5-FU. I would like to blame all my decreasing brain function onto the use of it for me back in 1997 and again as xeloda in 2003 LOL, but have to confess to an age handicap as well. I think with all the chemos there are some unusual risks which are potentially very serious but until drugs improve and are targetted it is a risk we have to take at times. I didn’t have the FEC cocktail which is flurouracil, epirubicin and cyclophosamide. Mine was ECF - Epirubicin, cisplatin & flurouracil .


Yes it is the F in FEC and I brought this research up with my onc when they suggested that I do it.

He was quite adamant that it’s blown out of proportion, I’m not 100% sure I agree but it does seem that most of the chemo brain side effects are temporary in most cases if that helps.


I carried on studying for a degree whilst in my 40s and having FEC four years ago. It’s no help (understatement!), but I managed it (with lots of support from my tutor and the Uni). It definitely slowed me down in terms of processing info’ and I also had problems with my eyesight, but I managed to complete the assignments during chemo and sit the exam about 4 weeks after I’d finished the last cycle. I put my continuing mental decline down to age and inherited scattiness! I think I’d tend to the view that most of the F effects are temporary - or the effects are more subtle - perhaps chemo ages us in some way and this in turn affects our mental abilities?

Sorry if I’m wittering - in the middle of bad Tax week!



Thanks Bahons2, I’ve carried on learning new skills but have found that I really really need to re-read things a lot more. I used to be an information sponge, praying I will be again.