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I have just been to see a homepathic Doctor…for some natural remedies for my menapausal symtons…she has prescribed my some tablets that may help,also she said i may benefit from Iscador,and explained why…

I am triple negative and finishes all my treatment 3weeks ago,as i cant have any hormone treatment,i feel i have nothing to loose trying this…it is strength 3 and im to take it off a spoon,have read up a little on it and it mainly seems to be injected…

Anyone on it or had it?


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Hello linros - I am HER2 ++ and started injecting Iscador a few months after diagnosis early in 2003. Recently I gave it a rest but will take it up again in a month or so. There is certain evidence that it offers a 40% improvement in survival, although it has to be said that there are no trials done to current standards. I understand that cancer patients in France and Germany are often offered this adjunct to their conventional treatment. (Which might explain the better survival rates in those countries.)

There is a book called Iscador: Mistletoe in Cancer Therapy by Christine Murphy, avaliable from, and which you may find useful, if not expertly written.

You might want to read also, "Differential effects of Viscum album extract IscadorQu on cell cycle progression and apoptosis in cancer cells by MARJAN HARMSMA1,2, MONIQUE GROMMÔ°2, MONIQUE UMMELEN1,2, WENDY DIGNEF2,KAREL JAN TUSENIUS3and FRANS C.S. RAMAEKERS.

This paper was published in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 25: 1521-1529, 2004.

It is hard going, but go to the summary for the results, which show that there is an effect . If this is difficult to understand, perhaps your oncologist will explain, or your GP.

Apoptosis is cell death, and a very desirable outcome!.

If you do decide to go ahead, then ask your GP to refer you to one of the NHS Homeopathic Hospitals, of which there are 5 in the UK. (I went to London.) The determination of the exact dose required needs an expert., but once done, your GP can prescribe.

The referral is at no cost to your GPs practice, or you, and you have every right to a consultation. Iscador is easy to inject, and you are taught how before you are prescribed. Injection is reckoned to be the best method of taking Iscador so it may be worth gritting your teeth if you have qualms.

I do wish you very good fortune, and hope it works for you. Do not let others deter you. If they try to do so, insist. If you have any more questions, do contact me. And yes, there are side effects, but from what I have read and heard about other treatments, they are very minor indeed. The occasional highish temperature, or very slight head-ache, is all. Far less than chemo or RT, although I have experienced neither,

Best wishes to you.

Iscador Hi Darklady

Many thanks for your very informative reply…

I will be getting that book…

Best wishes to you

Hi linros and Darklady

I am using Iscador. I live in Liverpool where we have a homeopathic department, but you can be referred to the one nearest where you live to get it on the NHS. My doctor who prescribes it isn’t very talkative about the treatment, so I just got the Christine Murphy book which answers all your questions (thanks for this Darklady). Also if you ring Weleda who make Iscador in the UK their pharmacists will always talk to you about the treatment. Injecting is easy, and side effects are minimal, just a slight reaction on the injection site (usually stomach) for me, but it can cause a temperature increase - I am also using a hormone treatment so hard to know what’s causing my temperature changes!

Interesting fact from the book - Iscador is the cancer drug most recognised by name in Germany and over 60% of cancer patients in Germany use mistletoe in some form.

Hope you are both getting on OK.

Best wishes

Hi, am looking for information on long-trm use of Iscador. Have been on it since a month after diagnosis in 2003. Started it before starting chemo & feel it was beneficial in coping with side fx of chemo. During 1st year, had 1 week breaks between every 14 injections; 2nd year 2 week break; etc. now entering 5th year. My original homeopath said that after 5 years the therapy is complete. On her retirement she sent me to another homeopath, who has been looking after me for a couple years now. He has now informed me that one remains on Iscador forever basically. He says that there can be breaks of 10 weeks between courses i.e. 5 courses, but another source said 7 series altogether per annum. So I am confused - does anyone know the answers?