Dija says on 08 Jan 2012 15:39

i have left side breast cancer from 01 year and right now i am using iscador M c Arg.0.01mg but after that which series i need to use i dont know because some people talk Mr c. Arg 0.1mg someone talk Mr c. Arg. 1gm someone M 0.1mg…i am totaly confused can you please write to me what exactly i need to do as i did 21 Mr c. Arg 0.1mg injections…Diana

HI Dija,
You just remind me, I needed a new prescription.
You would need to talk to your doctor as (s)he will decide which one to prescribe according to your current reaction to Iscador. My doctor has changed the prescription a couple of times, changing not only the strength but also the type of tree the mistleltoe is growing on.
I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule.

i agree with vercos,you should ask Dr about dosage.i think the mods should of advised you to do this.bit irresponsible i think.

best of luck to you love Melxx