Isn't it always where you don't want it to be? Hair!

I’m getting a nice tufty amount of hair on my head now, but still haven’t got much in the way of eyebrows or eyelashes.

But legs!!! It seems to be coming back on my legs with a vengeance, how about you?

Legs first then head then very sparse pubes then lashes[sparse]no eyebrows or underarm hair 2 years post chemo!

Apart from my head, my pubes hardly came back, no brows and just afew lashes, hardly any underarm hair but loads of leg hair!

Eyebrows are still sparse but have also noticed some darker downy hair on my cheeks, near my ears - hmmm!

What I really want to know is why my pubes came back the right colour but my head didn’t?

Yes, leg and underarm hair returned with a vengeance! However, had legs waxed mid-Feb (pre-chemo I would only have felt comfortable having my legs seen in public for a week and a half or so) and was happy to go swimming & use sauna at local gym last week (though wasn’t so happy to share sauna with 3 year11 boys from the school I work in!!) so definitely slower regrowth not sure if that is hangover from chemo or Herceptin. Also, slower regrowth for underarm hair after I very carefully shaved it.