Issues with consultant?

Hi everyone, hope we’re all doing as well as can be! I had an awful spiral this weekend, but spent time with family today and I feel a lot lighter. 

I got my official breast cancer diagnosis this week, although it seems like my consultant knew last week when biopsies were taken but didn’t tell me (so far I know grade 3 IDC). When she did confirm breast cancer a whole week later, she added that it has spread to lymph nodes plural and that the growth is 2.8cm. When I got the letter through the post to confirm this, she wrote that 1 lymph node had confirmed cancer and the growth is 6cm?! 

Has anyone else had experiences with a flakey consultant? I have a call booked in with my GP tomorrow as I’m not happy and would prefer to be referred to another unit but I don’t know if they’ll allow this. I don’t feel very confident in my care when the information I’m getting doesn’t seem consistent… at least I have a CT scan tomorrow to check the extent of any spread but I feel like she has panicked me more than necessary… 

Dear Yasmeink,

So pleased you have come to the forum,  we have all been there and now we are here for you.

So sorry you are feeling let down by your consultation, this unfortunately is not a good place to be you need to have confidence with your medical team. I was in a similar position myself, I was able to be transfer to a different consultant within the hospital . I think if this was me I’d try and stay with the same hospital as they have all your notes and test results.

Hopefully, your GP will be understanding, and will point you in the right direction, also good luck with your  CT Scan  please come back to the forum and let us know how you are doing.

biggest hugs Tili ???

Hi Tili,

thank you for the kind words! 

I’m happy you were able to change consultant, did they kick up much of a fuss? 

I have asked to be referred to another unit where my dad has friends but continue with any treatment until then,  though I’ve yet to meet my oncologist etc. so I’m hoping my CT will be back soon, I think my lack of faith and confidence in the team has got me off to a bad start of an already “bad” situation ?