Ist FEC completed

I have finally had my first session of FEC chemo yesterday (thurs) and survived it! I have only just got out of bed after suffering very bad sickness but I have now managed to eat something and it just feels like a massive hangover - shame about the lack of alcohol.

I just wanted to say thanks for your advice on how to help me get through it.

Take care,


Hi Angela,

Just wanted to say well done on your first session of chemo, glad your feeling a little better today.
I had my first on Wednesday, AC chemo, don’t really understand all the different types, bit of a novice with all this. I think I found the waiting for it worse than actually doing it.
Now the treatment has started, I feel as if I am finally starting to fight back (if that makes sense).
The support on this site is incredible and everyone has helped me so much.

Anyway, just wanted to say well done and wish you well

Love Linda x

Hi Angela

well done 1 down 5 to go. I had my second FEC on Tues this week, and have just purchased the travel wristbands for nausea. They are helping.

Take good care and rest when you need to.

Kim x

Hi Angela.

I have just had FEC #3. The first one was OK, but 2nd one very bad with bad sickness and nausea. I asked for extra drugs for my 3rd and they doubled my Dexamethasone and gave me Ondastron as well as Domperidone.
Don’t suffer in silence - make sure you tell them if it is not working for you.
Good luck with the next treatments.
Take care

Hi Angela

Well done on your fist chemo, but sorry you are suffering. I am on FEC x 3 and then taxotere x 3. Had my 2nd chemo session just over a week ago and next one is on 19 Sept. Like Ali said, ask for different drugs if yours are not stopping the sickness. I am on Domperidone and think Dexamoethosone and another one too, can’t remember name and also got some prochlorperazine maleate which can take when/if suddenly start to feel sick - these go between gum and lips and leave to melt. Only had two of them thou since starting chemo. Think the Domperidone are fab, I take 2 three times a day on 2nd day after chemo for 3 days - and it works.

Good luck with next treatment and remember to tell them about your side effects, all of them and they will help you. I had constipation first time (like you wanna know that), but they gave me Senna and it worked. So speak up.

Love to all