It’s back

Hi everyone
I’m totally at a loss right now. Was diagnosed in 2012 with bc- found a small lump -lumpectomy radio & tamoxifen. Been 11 years clear. Went for routine mammogram in august & sick to my stomach when I was recalled. Doctor who performed ultrasound said it’s a very small chance it’s not (cancer) after I pushed her for more information. I’m now waiting for biopsy results but as I’m 60 yrs old with full hysterectomy I’m thinking this bc this time must be triple negative…… sorry can’t stop second guessing. I also have pains in my hip & terrfied it’s in my bones too. Can’t believe after nearly 12 years it’s back. Can you survive it a second time? I live on my own & it’s so hard all the not knowing. If there’s anyone on here who’s been hit twice please get in touch xx thank you


Hi secondsout
I initially had BC in 1999 and had a quadrantectomy (top quarter of breast removed), chemo, radio, 5 years tamoxifen, followed by 5 years of letrazole. In 2019 I was told it wasn’t coming back. Earlier this year (24 years after the first diagnosis) I was diagnosed with a large tumour in my chest wall and mets in a rib and the sternum. I am currently taking medications again and am tolerating them reasonably well and PET scans have shown they are doing some good. At this stage I am living with cancer but not terminal and hope to stay that way for as long as possible. I do not look ill (in fact people who do not know keep telling me how well I look). I am very tired at times and not always sleeping well though.
I hope your results just show a local recurrence, but I am happy to chat with you. Best wishes for good results of the biopsies.

Hi @secondsout I can’t pass your post without saying how much I feel for you. I’m only 14 months past first primary so have nothing meaningful to contribute to your situation except I’m 67 and live alone and am having an endoscopy on Wednesday to check for stomach mets so have some empathy with how you’re feeling. Please let us know how you get on with the biopsy results and bone scans.

PS I’m not sure of the relevance of the hysterectomy as lots of women, myself included, have been through menopause but has Er+ cancers. The oestrogen is produced by androgens not by the womb. So don’t panic about type.

Hello, I too had cancer a second time. My first bc was approximately 20 years ago and then it came back. The first time went through chemo. It was horrible. Didn’t think I would survive and then the second time around I just had radiation. Just tiredness. My oncologist put me on letrozole. It has a lot of side effects like bone pain, joint paint and hot flashes but no matter had bad the side effects I keep taking it. I’m doing really well mow. Just had another bone scan. All clear. You said you had cancer a second time. You will do just fine. Keep taking letrozole. It really does help even with all the side effects. I excercise a lot too and try to stay active with proper diet. You will do well.

Diane from Ontario Canada

Hi. I have just had breast cancer for the first time and this is the reason I am on this forum. However, I wanted to reply with my mum’s story. My mum has had breast cancer twice. The first time she had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. 15 years later she had a lump in the same breast which resulted in a mastectomy followed by letrozole. The second time was very traumatic as she was fearful it would have spread. However, thankfully that wasn’t the case. She is now 10 years post second diagnosis and is still doing well.
Wishing you well with your treatment and I hope for a similar outcome for you xx