it`s not always a lump.......!

Hi there Im a newby at this so hope it works my daughter has just shown me how to post. Just to say that its not always a lump that you feel mine felt like a soft thickening under the skin in my left breast i left it for 2 weeks thinking it might be due to my periods but it didnt go away so went to my gp and she said she didnt think it was anything to worry about but would refer me any way. good job she did as they found a another thickening/soft lump behind the first one i found and hence i`ve just returned from hospital this week minus left boob and all left lymphnodes removed, hey ho!!what an adventure!

Hi juicebag! Mine was a lump, but wanted to say hi as I came out of hospital on Saturday morning minus left breast and lymph nodes - so HELLO!! Not happy you have bc, but happy you’re diagnosed and being treated - let me know how you’re doing.

Sophie xxx

I’ve seen that too - mine was a lump when I ended up feeling it but had felt fairly recently & nothing but now I think back perhaps there had been thickening before an actual lump. I am now minus R boob & all R lymphs - so together we make 1 pair!!!

so useful to know but I think sometimes - esp if you are “too young for BC!!!” i.e under 50 the docs dismiss you so great that yours didn’t - sorry that’s the result but better that than find out a year down the line you were wrongly advised!!! - better out than in I say!!!

i didn’t have any lumps either… the only thing that I had was a small dark bloody discharge from my nipple, only enough to make a small stain on the inside of my bra, no othert symptom.

I left it for 2 weeks thinking I must have banged my boob. My husband insisted that I go to the GP, she referred me to the BC, Mamogram, nothing to note, nothing on U/S… serveral months later an MRI… there they were!!!

You are so right, goes to show ANY change no matter how small get it checked.

Hugs to you all
Rugbygirl xx

I couldn’t feel a lump either. Mine was picked up at screening. In hindsight, there was some puckering of skin. Untrasound found a 4cm tumour - hard to believe it could fit in there without me noticing.

Hi Juicebag,

Like yours, mine too was a thickening on the side of my left breast. I didnt actually find it myself. I had gone to the GP for my 6mth check for HRT and she found it and sent me the next day for a mammogram as she thought it was suspicious. I was 45 at the time.

Hope you are healing well after your mastectomy. Do you know what treatment you have next?



I didnt have a lump, just a thickened area and a dent in the right breast. was sent for mammogram and ultrasound. Turned out I had 2 lumps in breast and 1 under my arm. Had a right mx and lymph node clearance and chemo. I am now waiting for a reconstruction.

love to all

Carolyn x

I’m a 34c so not terribly big breasted. I thought I felt a thickening in one breast then convinced myself it was the same in the other and just hormonal. However next month the thickening was only in one breast so I went straight to my surgery and was referred to the breast clinic. By the time my appointment came through 4wks later it had grown but was still just a thickening.I had a biopsy and diagnosis the same day and was told it was a 1cm very slow growing,hormonal tumour. Between the biopsy and my op which was nearly another 4wks I could feel a definate lump which seemed to put a spurt on and grow like the clappers. I could almost feel a pulse in it!!On mentioning this at my pre op appointmrnt I was told it was my imagination working overtime because I knew the lump was cancerous. However,after my op I was told the lump was 2.4cm,grade3+ and triple neg and full of vascular invasion!!

josyemarie - when I found my lump, I could feel it, but not see it unless I lay flat on my back and squinted down at my chest…lol… not a position I usually adopt, which may be why it was 3cms by the time I found it. However, since dx, I swear it grew - I could see it even when standing up, but was told by my surgeon that it was probably just swollen and bruised from the biopsies (though the biopsy bruising on the surface of the skin was nowhere near the lump, odd).

I go back for my results on Friday (mx was last Fri) and I’ll be sure to ask now exactly what size the lump was - see if it HAD grown since my diagnosis!! Not that it’ll make a blind bit of difference, I just want to know if I was right - and reading your post, maybe I was…

I don’t think it is in your imagination at all!! With two of the primary tumours I had they were increasing in size visibly and the oncologist on one occasion remarked on how rapidly it was growing between 2 visits. It really makes me quite cross when they brush off things we say with telling us it is in our minds.


Hi Girls
Thankyou Dawnhc,bluebird,rugbygirl and millykins for your comments wow its sooo good to hear we are not alone in this it feels more like a flu epidemic than cancer! whats happening to us girls?? I had an appointment for today at 3:15 this afternoon to find out about my results and treatment but the hospital has rang this morning to cancel and another appt has been made for Thurs 11am Thanks for your good wishes hope youre all keeping well.
From juicebag

Hi ladies,
Just dropping in to say mine wasn’t a lump, it was a dimple right underneath my left boob - an attachment to the skin, didnt think anything about it for a couple of weeks, till my sis found a lump and went for it checking … she was clear I wasn’t :o(

Lumpectomy, full node clearance, just had the last of my 6 chemo yesterday, radiotherapy and tamoxifen to come, but at least I’m still here, thanks to my sister
Tracey xx

my heart went out to you Juicebag when I read that your appointment had been cancelled :frowning:

we all need to know, it is the not knowing that is unbearable… once we know we can deal with it, have a plan.

Fingers crossed for you on Thursday… I had my last chemo today yeah.

thanks to the advice on this site, it has really helped…

I had a cal today from my liver surgeon (found out I have gallstones half way through chemo so have been on antibiotics and GCSF injections) I have a date for my SNB bx and gallbladder removal on 21st Dec… so all good, can tick this of my recovery plan & that feels GOOD!!!

huge hugs to you all xxxx

Juicebag - good luck for tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you xxxxxx

rugbygirl - keep ticking the bits off (hmmm, poss. not worded as well as I could have done there, lmao)… it’s important to recognise every ‘feel good moment’, esp. when it’s one that friends/family might find hard to appreciate!!

Sophie xxx

sophie, I laughed like a drain when I read your comment, ticking the bits of…so true especially as I am having bilateral mastectomies in Jan

thank you so much for that belly laugh xxx

Hi ladies
I had no lump just a fullness and thickening of the right breast also my nipple was slightly inverted, I was abroard at the time & put it on my list to do when I returned.I wasnt so concerned as six years before I had been screened for a lump on the same breast, which was all clear. When I returned to the Uk I saw my fantastic GP who passed me on to the breast clinic, I was the last to leave that day, I knew! I am 43 I have four wonderful children three beautiful grandchildren, a supportive loveing huband & a left boob, Im back to the hospital tommorow for the plans for the next stage.
Happy to be fighting it alot can happen in three weeks.