Italian Oncs pose in underwear to raise funds

You’ll never look at oncologists (or their nurses) in the same way again! Italian oncologists in Naples have put together a calendar to highlight the shameful state of Italian funding for cancer research and raise money to fund it.

The article is entitled “Italian Doctors Strip to Reveal Funding Shortfalls,” but I should add that they are in their underwear (tried to post this yesterday but it didn’t make it on, so I just wanted to clarify that this is not porn by any stretch of the imagination). Also, these guys have obviously been so busy fighting cancer that they haven’t had time to go the gym. You can find the article by pasting the title into google. It is from the international edition of Der Spiegel, which is in English.

Makes me want to give them money — to put more clothes on!

A bit of fun for a cold, grey December day.

That made me smile Christine

I loved the knee high socks and slippers. I won’t feel so embarrassed when I go for my next “poke and grope”, might have to smirk though