itching breast in one area


I have an area on the outer side of my left breast. It itches there is no rash or skin markings. At times I do have a mild sensation in the nipple. Cannot feel any lumps but breast has slight discomfort feeling when examining breast,it  feels denser than other breast.  been to Gp was not concerned as no lump.  But this breast feels different to other breast and I am aware of it daily.  I hope you can understand my explanation.  Very worried.  I am weary everyday.

Go back to GP and push for a referral to breast clinic Pauline .It is very probably nothing to worry about but you need your mind put at rest .Jill

Yes definitely go back to your GP, not all breast cancers present as lumps and I can’t believe they are still dismissing ladies for this reason! It’s likely to be nothing sinister but you know your body and if you are not happy then keep pushing xx Jo