Itchy, leaking fluid/blood scabby nipple. Is this pagents disease?

Hiya everyone my names kirsty and I’m 21 years old… I went to the doctors around 5 weeks back because I had a small excema looking rash on my nipple and it was itchy and uncomfortable the doctor checked my boobs and found no lump, she then prescribed me a cream which I used but had no success with that. I then went to doctors last week as this rash got bigger and I started having a blood/fluid leakage coming from my nipple (the scabby/crust gets stuck to my bras and tops) and it’s so sore itchy and even worse than before, she then took a look at my nipple didn’t even check my boobs and told me she’s going to refer me straight away… I’ve had a biopsy done today where she put a anesetic into my nipple and cut a chunk of skin of my nipple to be tested. She said it looks like a bad case of excema. If the results come back negative and everything is fine do I still speak to a dermotoglist as the hospital aren’t offering me a mammogram?? By the way my mum has had breast cancer twice and she was only 25 when she had her first one, this is why I’m paranoid. Would love to hear back from some of you thanks x