Itchy left breast with pain.

Hi. Just thought I would try and sell some advice. I had my baby 7 months ago. 6 months I have had issues with my left breast. Very itchy, painful. I have a painful shoulder and surrounding area, not sure if this is MSK, currently awaiting an appt for physio.

I have been to the breast clinic twice this year. One time I had a small lump under armpit which turned out to be a cyst and nipple discharge coming from said breast, they did an ultrasound on the nipple and found nothing. I haven’t seen any discharge since in my bra. However I have a constant intense itch, the other breast itches occasionally but the left very very itchy, no redness, swelling or rash evident. It’s also quite painful. 
Should I make yet another request to be seen at the breast clinic? Would they see me for the itchiness? I have noticed my left nipple erects but not as big or as long as the right, as in it’ll soften way before the other? I’ve had this for a while.

I just need some reassurance or advice as I am convinced it something much more sinister. I’ve been getting pain in my knee too and worried I’ve got something and it’s spread further.

I am a nurse and know too much and Ita just taking over my life.  

Thanks for reading

Katie xx

Hi Katie , welcome to the forum ,I’m so sorry you have had all these worries alongside having a new baby too . if you are concerned most definitely go back to your GP and if necessary get another referral  - whatever it takes to get some re-assurance .
I know myself it’s hard once you have got a worry in your mind not to associate every ache and pain with something more sinister going on but If the issues started after you had your little one could they simply be related to all the changes physically post pregnancy and also the strain on your body of caring for a new baby . I know I didn’t really recognise my body for quite some time after I had my son and permanently felt like I’d been run over by a bus !

Please come back and talk here whenever you need to , that’s what this forum is for . Best wishes Jill c