Itchy scalp following chemotherapy and hair coming back

Tried various shampoos recommended as suitable for my circumstances but scalp remains itchy, any thoughts of suitable products.  thank you

Hi granny h


I know this may sound dotty but a friend who had another friend who had breast cancer 5 years ago told me this woman had been told by her chemo nurse that she’d never have to wash her hair again. I assumed it was a flippant remark about sparse hair but she hasn’t washed her hair since.


So, painful and itchy/flaky scalp driving me mad, I decided I might as well try it as my usual kind Simple shampoo was failing. I’ve gone for maybe 3 months now just massaging my hair with water under the shower and dotting the tips with a little Simple conditioner. I’d had a buzzcut so short hair may be an advantage and it had no real effect on the achy scalp as new growth emerged but only once have I felt I needed a shampoo and back came the scalp problems. So, until it fails me, I’m sticking to this method. I ought to mention that I haven’t sweated at all since chemo so that may be another advantage for me but I have a thick head of shiny chemo-curls, no dandruff, no itching and none of the greasy hair smell. Sometimes daft anecdotes aren’t quite so daft. It might be worth trying?

Hi, I tried various shampoos as I had an itchy and very flaky scalp. First tried simple shampoo then Aveeno  as recommended by another lady…these didn’t really work for me then someone recommended tea tree oil shampoo which I bought along with the conditioner and this has really helped. I bought mine from Amazon. Hope this helps x