Itchy Scalp

Hi I thought I’d put this in a separate thread as it’s a more specific element of hair loss that I would like to ask about…

Someone posted on another thread that their scalp was sore when their hair begain falling out and that is something that is really bugging me as well. Sometimes it is really itchy even when I’m not wearing a wig or a scarf. Sometimes it is actually quite painful (in an achy sort of way as opposed to if there were any kind of sore, wound or irritation)

Since I got it shaved off it’s not quite as bad but still - what causes it and is there anything I can do to “soothe” it?

Even though I no longer have hair that would look greasy if I didn’t wash it, I am still using a small blob of mild shampoo on my scalp when I go in the bath. Is this a good or a bad idea?

Any tips would be welcome!

this might sound stupid but i was told to wash my head with conditioner and it did help.


I think it was possibley me that posted about sore scalp, It has eased off now but at the time it was really painful and uncomfortable. I did wash it everyday and put on Nivea which seemed to help but I think it is just a part of the chemo and the actual shaving. It does sometimes still itch but its not as bad as it was. Hope this helps


Mine was v sore too. Much better when it started falling out with a vengeance, and better again now it’s shaved. I wash head every day with baby shampoo and condition to keep stubble soft. Bit of mild vit E moisturiser helps stop itching but hands come away covered in stubble! I’m not an old hand, though, as it’s only day 3 as a baldie for me.

Hubbie is baldie by choice and looks after his head the same as me.

I am a vit E girl as well. I use shower gel I was very lucky to get a gift of Jo Malone so I use that but will return to baby shower when I run out of posh stuff.

Love Debs

I use Nivea on my scalp and I have to say the itchyness has gone away and the hair started to grow a bit.
Hope your head feels better soon.
Best wishes Penn1

It’s amazing how each follicule can be so painful - for me the only thing that stopped it was pulling it out - i am sure i looked like a mad monkey but it was bliss when it stopped!!! If I thought at all, it was that it didn’t matter because it was falling out anyway.

I had itchy skin and used E45 which helped… laughing - i get periodically itchy inside of nose and nothign can help that!!

jen x