Itchy Skin following Mx diep recon

Hi ladies 

I was wondring if anyone has experienced similar itching on skin around  suture lines . 

I was advised to start applying cream and massage my scars once they had healed . Im now six and half weeks post op . Luckily I have experienced no wound healing problems .

So as advised I started to use bio oil to both boob and abdo , unfortunately the bio did not appear to suit my boob as I dveloped what looked like a allergy rash …so I stopped and started with aqueous . I did carry on with the bio on my abdo because it was easy to apply and rub without drying out . 

On one of my follow ups the Consultant asked me what I was using on my abdo and I told him , he said he was not overly happpen with colour of suture line so he advised me to use another cream …and probably best advice was to use something Id always used . 

Hence I went back to a Garnier lotion for dry skin which I used prior to surgery . But all I can say is there is no rash but Blimey my skin above and below abdo suture line itches like crazy …as does some of the skin on my boob but not the actual suture line … And once the itch kicks off it doesnt want to stop . 

Has anyone any ideas on a product that I can try ? Id rather avoid going out and buying random things …  . However I dont mind buying something recommended and not bothered about price too much …obviously dont want to waste money either . I was thinking of an antihistamine cream … but there is no rash or redness … FRUSTRATED … Steph xx

Hi Steph I had my DIEP surgery 7 weeks ago and one of the plastic team nurses told me to use E45 cream on the scars! The only itching I have has been internal from the healing process and from some of the dressings I have had on the part of my abdo wound that opened. Hope you become less itchy soon! Does you abdomen and chest still feel quite heavy and tight? Has anyone advised you when to go for a bra fitting? Imagine still wearing my cro tops and Bridget Jones underware!?

Morning ladies Steph I also used bio oil in the past and it gave me quite a rash I wont be using that again. Regarding the tram reconstruction I guess it is similar to diep just that they use a bit more muscle and different blood vessels first few days were pretty tough but starting to feel a bit better now am back home so far so good trying to take it easy have a hosp appt today for check up. I had a failed LD from two years ago so look like a patchwork now luckily I am the only one who sees. Rosie so sorry that you have had wound problems what a nightmare and you don’t need it on top of everything else we have had to go through hoping you are on the mend though I know it’s a long road it must be very frustrating X

Hi Rosie, I am coming up to six weeks post op and thought all was going well, I have a bit of fluid behind abdo scar but told to massage with e45 but this week my boob has gradually grown in size. I have now realised it is really swollen and tight, feels like after my original masectomy/implant surgery, like someone sitting on my chest. I just wanting you to know i share your pain with the deep itch that you know you shouldn’t scratch but can’t help it. I took a Piriton when I started getting a rash and this helped. I find e45 the best bit have to make sure it’s really rubbed in xxx