It's 5 years!!

Yesterday was 5 years since I found my lump. I was lying on the sofa watching TV, had a sharp pain in my breast & knew immediately what it was (I’d read somewhere that it felt like a piece of carrot stuck to your breast. I know now that’s not always the case).
Had a WLE, chemo and rads. That’s a short sentence but the reality is very different. I had a job I loved, family I loved etc etc. They were all great, but none of them understood. I was on a trial and found chemo hard, but just ‘put my head down and got on with it’, marking them off on the calendar.
It’s so hard when you’re first dx, waiting for the treatment plan, and then it’s hard (in a different way) when you’re undergoing treatment.
Don’t despair though, you do come through. You may find that it takes longer than you think to ‘get back to normal’, but you do.
You will find that your priorites change (you know what’s important), and you find enjoyment in different things. I know, work came at the bottom of my priority list and family came to the top.
One thing I find hard to accept…nobody in my family acknowledged my 5 years!!

Congratulations Maltomlin - 5 years!!!
That’s fantastic news and such a milestone which needs to be marked. Make sure you spoil yourself especially after everything you have been through.
I went for my two year mammogram 10 days ago but have to wait another four weeks before I have my follow up appointment with the consultant (don’t think I will ever get used to the waiting)
It is great to hear positive stories so thank you for sharing.
Loubel x

Congratulations Maltomlin - That is absolutely AMAZING xx

I am at the start of my journey, WLE & SNB today.

You really need to celebrate this weekend, spoil and pamper yourself because you deserve it.

lots lot love
martha xx

My cousin got the all clear after ten years of struggling through this and now she only has to go for a check up every three years so there is light at the end of the tunnel she is so well and full of energy and really so busy she has a very demanding job I wonder how she does it and has to also be there for her four girls who are now in their twenties and still expect her to help she is amazing at the moment she is in the lake distrct with here family celebrating her mothers birthday next week she will be here taking me to see my consultant WHAT A LADY