Its a lot to take in

I’ve been reading all your brave stories in this forum terrified of what lies ahead.
A month ago i found an indentation under my left breast and had it checked out. I was told at the time of my scans that drs were certain i had a 2cm tumour plus 3 other lumps to be investigated which may be cysts if i am lucky. However one lump for sure is definitely cancer.
I am a single mum to a 14 year old boy and work full time as a contractor. Life is generally a struggle at best of times doing everything alone, but to now face this alone with no family support close by is overwhelming.
I am told it doesnt look like its spread to lymphs yet but we cant be sure.
How do i get through this. I have rhe results of my biospies Thursday and cant sleep or focus on anything. I am in the process of having advanced dental treatment so will be prone to infection and my lump is over my heart so how can i have radiotherapy there. I am dreading all this.


Hi solo . I had two tumours in my left breast, picked up on a routine mammogram in December 2023. Surgery in early February once all tests were completed followed by 5 days radiotherapy in April . All I can say is that you will start to feel more in control once there is a plan in place. That was the advice given to me on this site and they were right …. Radiotherapy for a tumour in the left breast is slightly different . There are breath holding techniques taught, I managed them and I am 66…. even if you can’t do them there are other options so try not to worry too much . There are lots of lovely people on this site that will hold your hand through this so that you don’t feel so alone . Sends you hugs x


Yep, this is all terrifying and normal. Everyone said to me that the waiting is the worst and lo and behold it was !!! I couldn’t sleep, lost weight, walked round in a daze (luckily, self employed so could do minimum work @ home - just made many many excuses about not going in for meetings!) … got through it by going out for dog walks, talking it through with selected friends and hubby & watching completely random tv programmes that I know will forever remind me of ‘that time’ when all I did was think the worst and go into a black hole.
You just need to get through this time… keep hold of positive thoughts about it being caught early and treatment nowadays is excellent. You WILL get through this time but accept it is a horrible time.
I regularly came on here to post but also just to read other’s journeys.
I’m due to discuss my treatment later today that will probably be chemotherapy and you know what, that’s ok. 2 months ago, I cried that I didn’t want to lose my breast or face chemo or lose my hair … yet here I am, knowing this is absolutely sh@te but I’ll get through it.
Keep posting… let us know how you get on xx


Talk to MacMillan or your breast team about financial help
You should qualify for PIP and one less worry will help
The wait is horrid but once you have the plan it will feel like you’re in more control, just ask as many questions and take a trusted friend along to keep notes as they throw a lot at you

Good luck


Hello Solomamma,

Please believe me, we are all here for you any time night or day, someone will always come back and reply to you, I can understand how you’re feeling at the moment but as the others have said on the forum once you have your plan in place it will slot in. Also don’t be afraid to talk to your breast cancer nurse because she is there for you. I will hopefully see you through this. Also the Breast Cancer on this site are outstanding are extremely kind and understanding. You can always call them at any time.

Taking one day at a time at the moment, understandably you’re worried about your son who is also young, but you’ll be surprised how well he’ll cope with it all. There’s also Maggie’s and other support group offering help.

Please keep posting letting us know how you’re getting on. Wishing you health and happiness ahead.

With the biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


Hi Solomamma,

I’m so sorry to read this. I think everyone on here will remember those early days when something is found. It really is the worst time, the uncertainty and fear is just awful.

All I can say is that it will get better when you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Uncertainty sends anxiety into overdrive.
You’ll have a multidisciplinary team looking after you and they will already know how they’re going to treat you when you get your results. Take someone with you because you will have forgotten most of what’s been said by the time you get back to the car! Any worries and queries, write down and take with you.

I just tried to get through one day at a time by trying to stay busy and distracting myself. Looking back from 2 years ago it was hard but I’ve now got my life back and you will too.

None of us want to be in this club but remember, it’s been found, your team will look after you, you will get through to the other side of it. Lean on the BC nurses as they’re fantastic at supporting you and stay off Dr Google. Most of it is out of date information anyway.

Best of luck, you’ve got this. Sending you a hug.


Those early days are definitely the worst. I think k all of us have been through those sleepless nights and unable to eat and your mind working overtime at night . Reach out to your breast care team . Breast cancer now are great to talk to and it may help using the someone like me service . I had a left sided breast cancer and they are very skilled at planning radiotherapy and will check this on your planning appointment. There are also breathing techniques which they will tell you about to keep your heart safe. . There is a fantastic community to support you through this . Be kind to yourself


Your story struck a chord so I wanted to send some words of support. Firstly, on a practical level, you WILL get through this. You must tackle it one step at a time because it is, to use that hackneyed phrase, a journey. Once you have a plan, don’t over think it or worry too much about what’s over the horizon, just put one foot infront of the other and plod on.

When I was given this advice I thought it was pedestrian and was waiting for some magic phrase that would make me feel better - but there aren’t any. You just slog on, congratulating yourself on each day you get through and reminding yourself that you are moving closer to being cancer free. Of course you system is coursing with worry right now. Just accept it, try to stay calm and you will come through these horrible days.

As for the radiotherapy, I was in your situation and they understand very well how to administer it when the heart is involved. It just involves acute measuring and a counting system which, with a little practice is easy to do. Honestly, a piece of cake so don’t worry about that one. I also suffer with teeth and got them all nicely sorted but don’t concern yourself unless they mention bisphosphonate treatment which would be much further down the line.

Please know everybody is routing for you and sending support and warm hugs.

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Thank you, everyone, for your kind words of support. It helped so much to read your messages.
I have early stage NST estrogen positve bc. I have come away with tamoxifen and another mamogram and biopsies planned for next week. 3 lumps are benign only one lump cancerous 2cm. At the mo to deal with its looking like radiotherapy and lumpectomy.


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Be sure that the group will keep supporting you ….

Hi-I read your post and just wanted to say that we are all here for you and we understand the dread at first. However, I have found that by taking one day a time and tackling one treatment at a time helped me. Are you able to do the targeted radiation? that is what I did and it was only a few days of treatment and not at all as hard on your heart. I also have found that when I am anxious I pray and read comforting verses from the Bible. Here is an article I think you may find helpful :slight_smile:

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