It's back - 3rd time - breast cancer back and now in bone too


almost 5 years to the day of the first diagnosis - it’s back. I found a lump in my breast bone and it hadn’t been feeling right, So aFter CT scan, biopsy and PET scan the news was delivered.


feelng somewhat lonely, not in my everyday but those quiet times when you need to talk to someone who is going through the same.


i could write  more but I’m just too tired to type - it’s 6-am and everyone is asleep.


would love to know how I could go about starting a private group of people in the same boat .




Hello and welcome to the forum …real people that understand how you feel.
We all feel like we were kicked in the teeth when our unwelcome visitors came back to party after a few years.
Mine came back after 11 years …just as I thought I had beaten it …we have ladies here that have been " living with cancer" for many years.
There are loads of threads here …we have the private forum you can join where we do games, gardening etc etc .
You can also set up private messaging so that you can chat to other ladies in confidence to.
Once again …welcome …feel free to ask as many questions as you like as there is so much knowledge and kindness here.
Hugs xxx

Hallo Bigfoot
Its such a devastating shock when you get the news but once you know what you treatment is going to be you will know what’s going to happen  and things will feel better. I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and yesterday I was out putting straw round my strawberries, planting out sweet peas and courgettes and picking broad beans. Some of us are usually awake before 6 o clock, there’s a thread in the secondary private group - Wide Awake after Mdnight which is often active. Once you have posted herea few times and they know you’re not a robot you can join tthe group. Let us know how you are getting on. The bone mets thread is a good place to be. Big hugs B xx

Welcome Bigfoot! I agree with others once you get all your scan results and know what your dealing with you will get a plan of action. When it’s put in place you will start to feel more in control. Most of us do fairly well with our treatments with minimal SE. Do read the literature you are given with your medication. I read mine, then put it away in case I need to check back with it. Don’t dwell on it. Those lists can scare you. IF you do have a problem don’t hesitate to call your Dr. Good luck! FF

Hello oggy
Sorry to hear you have been dx after so long …mine was 11 years and somehow we forget it and move on and think we beat it but a few of us are unlucky and have to deal with the little blighters revisiting us again.
You will be given a treatment plan to focus on and it’s a day at a time …
Keep in touch with us. .xx