It's back after 18 years!

Hi everyone…Just new to this forum right now.  I first had BC in 2000, had a lumpectomy, chemo & radiotherapy.  I have just been told last Thursday (after 18 years)  it has returned on the same site.  Everyone has gone back to work and I’m struggling this morning…I am trying to be positive and have to wait till 25th April for a consultation.  HELP!!

Hiyer jtb,


Welcome to bcc. Not a nice place to have to be, but a great resource for those who are struggling with their bc diagnosis.


What a huge shock, after 18 years, to have a new primary or recurrence. (not sure which it counts as ?) You know though that you did this once, and can do it again. Those may seem like trite words, I hope they don’t, but as horrendous as this is to find out you need to ‘go it all again’ you know that you can kick it to the dust in the same fashion. I’m not sure how much you know yet from your bc team. Is it the same cancer type or different to last time? Was it found during routine screening?

Hiya, We never like to see anyone coming back for a second time, once is enough for anyone! you must have all but forgotten it had happened by now after 18 years. 

I would say it was 8mm if you’ve been told it’s small as 8 cms is pretty big so that’s a positive. 

Treatment has obviously moved on enormously since your first diagnosis and is more tailored to the individual now so you may not have the same as you did before. 


I’m sure you feel angry at this happening again but you will get your head around it and deal with your treatment but allow yourself time to feel sorry for yourself , I know I will be furious if mine ever dares to come back! Plenty of help and support across the forum so you don’t need to sit at home and stress on your own as there will be someone around to chat to pretty much all the time Xx Jo 

Hi Jtb,

I feel your pain after recently getting a second and new bc 12 years after the first, same breast. I’d also think they said 8mm as 8cm would be large. I’ve just had 11cm removed and was told it was very large (about the only thing about my breasts that was!).

I’ve tried to look at getting it twice as taking one for the team - if 1 in 2 people get cancer in their lifetime and I’ve had it twice then two people haven’t, if that makes sense. At least you have an idea of what is involved. You’ve done it once, you can do it again.

Hi Jtb,

At the minute I don’t know. My original ct scan and bone scan were clear in February but my treatment was massively delayed after hospital sat on mammogram results so everything disease wise has seemed to move quite quickly. 6/11 lymph nodes have cancer in and having ct and bone scans repeated this week to see where we are now. Fingers crossed it’ll be the same again.

Hi Jtb,

I’m very angry but ok. I’m pretty tough. Just for info, I had a mastectomy 6 weeks ago and that was far easier than I thought it would be. Fingers crossed it’ll be the same for you if you have to have one. I had to partly because radiotherapy wasn’t an option to the same site as you can’t have it twice in the same place.

Hi all, im back today after being told it is back after 12 years. Lump 2cm in lumpectomy scar, i first found a small lump last Easter, and had mammo in October clear, and 2 biopsies over the last few months. A few weeks ago it became larger and angry looking, i thought it was infected, today mammo again, ulstrasound and diosp confirmed cancer. i also have to wait until next wed, timing terrible as im getting married in 7 weeks and dress V neck!

I have decided to tell my partner but not my mum or childred yet, daughter doing A levels, until i know the plan and maybe postpone wedding.

Good Luck on 25th to all

Jill x

Hi Doglover,

What horribly timed luck (or no luck at all). I’d hold fire on the wedding postponement till you know exactly what they’re going to do and when. Fingers crossed it’ll be nothing too drastic.