its back again

Like many others I have not been on here for ages and that makes me feel guilty, but today I was told that my cancer has returned just 2 years after my first diagnosis. I am going for the full set of scans tomorrow then see the surgeon again on thursday for a date for a mastectomy.

Its just as scarey second time round

Linda,I am so sorry to hear this ,you must be gutted.Did you find another lump?
Fingers crossed that the scans bring good news.
Big hugs

Hi Linda, So sorry to hear your bad news. Where you just there for your annual check up or have you been having problems? It is good that they are getting the ball rolling quickly for all the scans etc but I bet it is a lot to take in. Dotchas and I will be waiting to hear how you get on on Thursday. Wishing you strength to get through the next few weeks. Love Val XX

Good luck with your other scans and so sorry you are in this position xxx

from one Lynda to another Linda… im thinking of you. i was just 3 years past my original diagnosis when my mammo showed another lump in may.

hope your scans are clear.

love and hugs

Lulu x

thanks everyone good to know there are people out there that understand

The lump was picked up at my annual check up, I was feeling so well it took me by complete suprise, I think the surgeon was shocked too, not sure of the rest of the plan following mastectomy, Lynda did you need more chemo? I had the works last time chemo, rads the lot


Hi Linda
what a bummer that this has happened after just 2 years - you are right, its just as shocking and distressing second time around. I had a 12 year gap before my second diagnosis in June this year and feel very lucky in some ways, although it was such a big shock.
You will have all sorts going through your mind right now, I hope you’ll come on and get what support we can offer. Will be thinking of you tomorrow - it sounds like you have a good team - they are certainly not wasting time, which is a big help.
take care, love Monica xx

Linda i just had rads and tamox with first tumour but no chemo… this time its chemo and rads but its a completey new cancer… first one was grade 1 er positive last one was grade 3 triple neg… i was in complete shock too when i was diagnosed after my routine annual mammo… i had a breast exam too and was told i was fine so couldnt bloody believe it.

but now finished chemo (and after a bit of a scare which has turned out benign over the last week) and due to get a date for rads planning next week.

best wishes


I am unable to sleep, had all the scans yesterday and get the results this evening, everything is going through my mind at the moment, I am so impatient, I want answers to everything and I want my operation now. I want to take all my christmas decorations down and tell everyone it is cancelled.

Why did I do thriugh everything last time WLE, chemo and rads all for nothing, I could have gone through life blissfully ignorant and it would still be the same outcome.

I am so angry but I dont know who to be angry at

Hi Linda

I was diagnosed 22 Sept last year then again 28 Aug this year. I had grade 3 Inflammatory carcinoma and ductal carcinoma. Had 8 chemo, mastectomy /Recon with Lymph node clearance(1 affected 4 scarring), Herceptin follwed by Rads. This time it’s same cancer and again grade three, mastectomy with total node clearance(2 affected), NO chemo, currently receiving Rads, only 4 Herceptin to go then I’m finished with treatment.
I also was very angry but it passed quick, now my head is just all over the place.

I know at the moment it’s very hard but don’t cancel xmas it will give you something to focus on, don’t let this cancer rule you, you rule the cancer, get it kicked into check. You will beat this again.

I was in the process of thinking of going back to work until this all started again, I’ll go when ready. Have the arrival of my sister’s first baby, due 1st Feb to look forward to. That’s my focus for now.

Hope you get your answers quick

Thinking of you
Sharon xxxxx

Lindsyloo and Sharonj

So sorry to hear your news and hope that you both get the best possible outcome. It’s totally **** to be facing this for the second time.

Sending love

Jane x

hi lindsyloo,
i first had bc in 1991, i had 16yrs free then dx again 2007, dx again july 2009 then dx again 3 mnths latr on 4th dec, i have had a few scans this yr already and i am having to go through them again, yesterday i had a bi-lateral mri and ultrasound with bloods done the day before that and because i have no lymph nodes on either side now i have to have bloods and needles in my foot, which are pretty sore but better than an infection.
i don’t get the results till nxt tues, then it will be a ct scan and a bone scan, it feels as though you are never getting to the end of it, i too hope the scans are ok and can’t wait till the operation either, i hate the feeling of knowing there is a tumour growing and i am a bit paranoid it is going to spread everywhere but is suppose they have to get the full picture, i feel as though i could cancel xmas too as i have just watched a close friend die unexpectedly of cancer within 3wks of dx.
i, like monica also feel lucky that i got 16yrs ned first time round and got to see my kids grow up and now have a 3yr old granddaughter, but i can’t get my head around getting dx 3 times in 2yrs, but that is how it goes it seems it is like a lottery, just your luck the way it goes.
i also think that because i have now been through it a few times, it is not as much of a shock to my friends and family but it is just as big a shock to me, so i know exactly how you feel but i agree with sharon keep your decorations up, xmas will give you something to focus on, i take it with xmas and the holidays that any operations we will be offered won’t take place till after the new year, although i would go in on xmas day if they offered it, just to get rid of it.
hope you have all your answers tonight.
love and best wishes

Hi all and thanks again

I got the results and there is no evidence of spread whoooo hooo which is a huge relieve op booked for 4th jan so bring it on, still do not know if I need anymore chemo or not, but I will see the onc after the mastectomy.

Thanks again

Great news!!!
Sorry its still not a good start to the new year,having an op.
Try and have a great Christmas and New Year and get ready for getting rid of the wee pesky lump!

So pleased its not all bad!I also got an unwanted Xmas gift after being in remission for 13 months, what started out as a pulled muscle in my shoulder,turn out to be my old arch enemy again, this time squatting in my spine,evicton notice will be in order in the new year.Good luck. Happy Xmas and best wishes for 2010 to every one.Lv Ozzie (Eileen)

Hi Linda
so pleased its not as bad as it could have been, but I bet you’ll be glad to get rid of it.
For all of you with recurrences, you are in my thoughts - its a lot to get your head around, isn’t it?
Renee, honey, think of you often and sending love
xxxx Monica

linda i’m so pleased for you , now you know where you stand, hope i am next for some good news, won’t know anything till tues.
eileen like the way you describe it, you seem as though you have a good sense of humour.
thanks for your thoughts monica, i think of you a lot too.

Hi Renee

I hope your news will be good too

linda i was really pleased to read your good news of your scans… hope your op goes well

eileen good luck with your op too.

renee thinking of you and hope your results are good news tomorrow.

Love Lulu xx