It's back but doable

Good news today. No spread just my new little recurrence on the mastectomy/recon. side. Doable Op. then rads maybe chemo. Felt let down and cheated when I found the “ridge”, my 5 years are up this summer and I was thinking of having a "thank God I’m off Tamoxifen "party. Looks like I may have to take Letrezole for the next 5 years.
Hubby just gone to buy a nice bottle as we are on our own tonight as daughter at sleepover and I’m quite tearful because i had a lovely FB message from son on his travels on the other side of the world.
Love to you all Kat xx

Bumping this up for you Kat so that others can read your news

Best wishes


Thinking of you Kat I know it’s not easy I had 14 years between mine. Just wanted to wish you well with this journey

Wendy x x

Great that you had encouraging news!

Good luck with the treatment. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good vibes Wendy and Morwenna.
Feeling a bit more 3D than 2D today.
Kat x

Nice to hear you being so positive, i will be 5 years in July , its a big milestone. Have a party anyway! you deserve it x

Thinking about you. I know how I’d feel, just over 5 years out. BUT, if you’ve done it once, you can do it again!
Take care

My small recurrence has decided to be a new primary instead!! definitley took the wind out of my sails when onc told me that it was Grade 3 ER neg and HER+ this time as apposed to Grade 2 ER+ and HER neg. Seems some breast cancers can adapt and change. See onc tomorrow and will find out the plan, at present I’m bristling with pamphlets and feeling a little bit not in control.
Kat x

hi kat,
i was also her2 + i guess you may get herceptin which i found to be a breeze after the chemo, how was your tumour diagnosed?

Hi Powerjen,
I found a “ridge” on my mastectomy side next to my implant and then spent months persuading everyone it was new!! Had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago.
I start chemo on the 3rd so will be a “July Junkie” and yes I am having Herceptin and then rads somewhere in there.
Stopped Tamoxifen as they don’t like you to be on it with chemo, prob because of the risk of DVTs and other unpleasent side effects.
How are things going with you??
Kat x

Hi Kat,
thanks for your reply. Good to hear you have a treatment plan. I hope the chemo goes well , as I mentioned earlier I found the herceptin ok. I used to get a wee break while the infusion was going in! And the lovely wrvs volunteers would give you tea and cake, I only had one problem after my last infusion I came out in blisters and needed steroids.
i have finally been given a date for MRI 3rd July , so until then it will be the usual mind games that you play whilst waiting a test, one minute I think it’s nothing then I think it’s definitely back,
take care x