It's been a while ...

Hello Everyone,

It’s been ages since I popped back onto this forum but I have often dipped in and out looking at other members’ messages etc.

A little about my history, dx Dec 2015 (happy Christmas) ER/PR+ve, grade 3, no node or LVI, mx Jan 2016, 6 rounds of chemo and now tamoxifen, this is my 6th year on tamoxifen and I am 52. 

This year has been a struggle for me, I’m not sure if it’s a post-covid thing but every time I get a lump/bump/pain/etc I instantly think the worst and that my cancer has returned. I had an enlarged node on my mx side armpit which spun me into a dark place and although it checked out clear I am always on edge, now I have a similar node on my other armpit side which I am getting checked out tomorrow. I had a mammogram in March which came back clear but I am so worried about what this new enlarged node could be. Could it be another breast cancer? Can you get another breast cancer whilst on Tamox? We’re supposed to be going on holiday in about a week’s time … FFS I’m in a bloody awful place right now. 

Don’t even mention ONJ *sob*

Hello All,

Just on the off chance this’ll help some folk I am just back from my ultrasound/mammogram and my node is actually just an enlarged node with some silicone particulates in it, (the silicone is obviously from my reconstruction). I have heard of this before but have not experienced it. So it’s all OK and I am starting to get some semblance of ‘normality’ (if there is anything ‘normal’ after covid or bc).

Bye for now,