Its been a while...

I was on here around 12 months ago, I had 2 lumps in either breast and had a lumpectomy on both in one go. It turned out to be fibroadenoma, phew. Thing is, I’ve got yet another lump (this will be my 4th collectively) in my left breast and dont know if to bother going through the motions again. I really tortured my-self last time, thinking the worst when all along I was fine.

I asked my surgeon if I should ignore any future lumps and he insisted I get anything like this checked, to be on the safe side. I just dont know if I can cope with the waiting and doubt and the rest of it. Anyone else out there been in this predicament that can offer me advice or tell me how they handled it. I’m sure its nothing and the longer I ignore it I think in my own mind I’ll be ok. But if I go to the docs, I just know I will begin the cycle of mental torture! Hope everyone is doing ok.


Dear Heidi you know you should get it checked dont you.If it is nothing there will be no harm done-if it isnt then the sooner it is found the better.Love Vx

I know the waiting and wondering is torture but you really must go and get this checked out, you can’t be sure it’s nothing.

Before I was diagnosed with bc in 2006 I’d had 3 breast lumps over the previous 10 years - thankfully they’d all been fibroadenomas.

Ring your GP and make that appointment first thing.

Let us know how you get on.
Claire x

Hi Heidi

Please feel free to call one of our specialist helpline nurses to talk through the concerns you have at the moment on 0808 800 6000, the line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes


Thank you ladies, I know you’re right, and Claire, I’m so sorry for your terrible news, but please know I think you are incredibly brave. As it happens just after posting this, I threw caution to the wind if you like, and called the GP surgery. The lady GP I like to see had gone home, I just wanted a chat really. I explained my predicament to the receptionist, who was suitably concerned actually!! (HE HE) She suggested going in tomorrow, but I cant really take time off work and my next day off is wednesday! I think she was shocked I was prepared to wait so long, but whats another week?

I know this must sound crazy, especially to those of you have been diagnosed with BC, and of course I’m worried that this time I might not be so lucky, but I cant see the outcome being any different to what its been in the past… or at least thats what I keep telling my-self anyway! If I do my own head in enough, I’ll go sooner if I can. It took me a few weeks the first time to see the GP with my first lump. I was terrified, and only being 25 I think at the time I kind of went into denial that it was there, but I let it eat away at me in the end and I gave in. I’m glad I did though, and the time after that! Hey I bet I’m on first name terms with the guys down at the breast clinic, lol!!

I promise to go to the doctors, if you ladies promise to stay strong and take care… I’ll check in again soon.


you know you have to go, if it were bad at least it’s dealt with as soon as possible and the stats and ladies on here will tell you it makes a difference.

I had 2 lumps, one in each breast and they did turn out to be cancer. I found one of them, went to docs without hesitation thinking it’s bound to be just a cyst as I’m 33. They did mamograms and ultrasound and found another tumour in my other breast. It’s very very rare to have 2 primary diagnosis at the same time and rare when this young but it does happen. So you’re probably thinking… sh** that’s bad, and I confess it’s been a tough old year but there was no sign of spread, and there still isn’t (fingers crossed it stays that way) and I finished chemo yesterday. So all I’m saying is it can happen, it is best to deal with it fast and it does improve your chances.

And it probably is just a cyst or more likely another fibroadenoma anyway… fingers crossed that it is but let us know either way, whatever happens there’s people here to help you through or just celebrate with you :slight_smile:

Good luck


Hiya ladies,

I went to the docs today, she said it doesn’t feel like a fibroadenoma this time, possibly a cyst which I’m hoping it is as it means aspiration rather than lumpectomy. I have an appnt with my consultant at the breast clinic on 14th Oct, so here’s waiting for that. Hope everyone is ok…


Heidi I’m really glad you got it checked out, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Claire x

Hi H

I too was like you, I had a lump in my right breast, had mamo on both breasts and biopsy on right and it was just a fibroadenoma. Two years later I found a lump in my left breast, left it for 3 months before I went to doctors as just thought it would be the same. Unfortunately for me it turned out to be a grade 3 cancer that had already spread to my lymph nodes and had to go throught the full range of treatment. I’m not trying to scare you as I’m sure you already know 9 out of 10 lumps are not cancer, but just trying to show the importance of getting any lumps seen as soon as you are aware. (all that was 3.5 years ago and am so far very well)

Good luck with your appointment.



Your intent not to scare me didn’t work!! now I’m terrified! joking aside, I think you are incredibly brave to go through what you have, and I’m so sorry you had to. Its easy to become complacent when you’ve been through it as much as we have, but I understand your warning loud and clear. I went a month after I found this lump, really making sure there were no changes during my monthly cycle, which of course there wasn’t. I did this knowing my GP would have sent me home to monitor it anyway.

I just have to sit tight now and wait… actually glad I have a full on job with long hours, means I dont really have time to think much about it. I have told my boss and said that if I look a bit down, to give me a kick up my @r£ or give me something to do!

May I ask, did your new lump in your left breast feel the same as the others? My GP said this one doesn’t feel the same but thinks its poss a cyst? I think after prodding at it enough times, its too irregular a shape to be a cyst, though it is quite tiny in comparison to my first lump.

Take care, thinking of you all.


Hi Heidi,

I did think about replying with what happened to me, but would rather scare you so you got checked out than not say anything. I never really had a lump on either side, just a thickening of the breast, the second time it was pulling my breast up as it was quite large (5cm tumour).

Nothing anyone can say can stop you worrying, but when I do get worried about things I try to say to myself “worrying about it, isnt going to change the outcome wether good or bad”, it works for while.

When is your appointment?

Jo x

Hi Jo,

My appnt is on the 14th Oct, so a week Tuesday! Thank you for sharing your experience, I’m so sorry about your dx, but you have made me realise that I cant take it for granted that I am ok. I’m still convinced that I am, but trying to tell myself to doubt that, so as to prepare myself and not set my self up for total devastation (does that make sense??)

Hows things with you now Jo? Are you still having treatment or are you all clear?

Heidi x

Hi Heidi,

I totally understand your feelings, one second your feeling positive and the next the depts of despair and fear. Whatever the outcome, if you need support you will find it here.

You never really get the all clear (as my oncologist informed me on my routine 6 monthly check up recently), however I am really well and all my scans and checks since completing chemo and radio have been clear, I just take tamoxifen which I will continue with for another couple of years.

A week away can seem like a lifetime when waiting for appointments, I hope this week is not too stressful for you. Keep posting if you want to chat or have any questions.

Jo x

Oh BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! My safety net has been snatched away from under me, the one sure thing to keep me occupied!! I’ve just been made redundant. I worked around 60 hours per week in a main franchised dealership selling new cars, now I’m sat at home wondering what the hell I’m going to do with my-self. Not to mention next week, now I cant stop thinking about it!

Thanks Jo for your help and advice, glad to hear everything is going well for you, and I really hope it continues to do so.

Well I think a good time with a bottle of something is called for!

heidi x

So sorry to hear that you have been made redundant! That stinks (((hugs)))

I too am generally stuck with my own company (aswell as small child but sometimes that doesnt help) and it really doesnt help the time pass. Fingers crossed for you that you get good news and quickly too xxx

Hi Heidi,

Been reading your posts and chats with Poppyjasper and sorry to hear your news re your redundancy. Life is never easy! Enjoy the wine!

I had a benign lump about 2 and a half years ago for which I had mammogram, ultrasounds, FNA and core biopsy. Never thought again about my lump except occasionally rolling around stupidly in the back of my head was the fact that the doc who did the core biopsy didn’t use ultrasound to guide the gun and mayhap he had missed it. The lump didn’t change until about 6 months ago I noticed that the colour of the skin of my nipple had begun to lighten slightly over the lump and the skin appeared to be pulled down/in over the lump and the nagging voice got louder. I kept ignoring it thinking it was just the fibro thingy but eventually went back to the GP who referred me again. Turns out underneath my fibro thingy was a 18mm cancer, grade 1. I had been so tunnel visioned about my little lump I didnt feel further around it. Whilst I have managed to convince myself that its not that they got it wrong 2 and a half years ago and that its not that my fibro thingy became cancerous I am sure that little voice that kept on at me in the last 6 months knew something I didn’t.

To echo what everyone has said on this and Poppyjasper’s threads - keep on until your little voice is happy.

Fingers crossed for you both, x

thanks ostrich, I really will.

i hope you are doing well now xx

Ostrich I’m so sorry for your diagnosis, that should never have happened, and thank you ladies for your kind words, I’m doing ok, still dont have a job yet but I’m trying.

Dont know if to tell any potential employers about my breast issue, what do you think? Should I wait until I know if its a problem or not, or should I tell them anyway??


Hi, I am doing fine, 16 days post surgery now (mx and immediate LD recon) and waiting to see my Oncologist on Monday to discuss Chemo as I had 1/9 lymph nodes with micro metastases in them.

Heidi, I have had to accept that even if they got it wrong they would never tell me and that I can’t change the past. If nothing else I believe that if I hadn’t had the breast mouse I wouldn’t have gone to the docs and found the cancer because it was the cancerous lump underneath and behind the mouse that pushed it up causing the changes in my nipple!

I would say re your potential employers - dont. Where you still with the same employer and you felt they were understanding then of course yes but why give them a reason to think of not employing you when right now you don’t know if it is going to be a problem. While they may not be able to legitimately discriminate against you for it chances are they would find a way not to employ you because they would be thinking of all the potential time off etc.


I think you have a point there, my hubby said “tell them” but I thought the same as you tbh.

Great to hear you are on the mend, and I suppose when you look at it the way you have, the mouse was a blessing in disguise.

I’m shattered today, looking for a job is a full time vocation in itself. Been on the phone all day, and inbtween all that, helping my gran sort out a gas issue ( I mean gas bill, not flatulance, lol) thats been going on for the last 4 yrs, long story but she paid WAY too much for her gas and is now due a massive refund. Phew…

Anyway I think every tom dick and harry now has my CV, so hopefully someone will want a half intelligent, honest and hard working lady on their payroll… I’m still waiting!!

Heidi xxx