Its come back....

My mum had breast cancer back in 2006, she successfully beat it through Chemo and Radiotherapy but now its back, this time it has spread to her lungs :o(

She is still having further tests to see if it has spread anywhere else, and the docs seems optimistic she can use this oral form of chemo which means she may not lose her hair this time. I found that the most difficult part last time, silly really.

Its just a waiting game now…I am even more emotional as I am getting married this year and she is giving me away. I hope she will be well enough x

vetty sorry to hear about your mum…

its good that the docs are feeling positive about her treatment and you both have your wedding to look forward to im sure she will do everything she can to be fit enough to give you away.

Lulu xx

Hi, you are not alone. My mum had chemo 8 years ago and she first had radiotherapy, it then came back 1.5 years ago and she had chemotherapy due to finding the lump under her arm had moved and had got a bit bigger. She also has it in her lungs and several other places. Mum finished her chemo in January and then now has just started on oral chemotherapy. Your mum will be absolutlely fine and believe me, you are not alone. Just be positive (although hard to do) but you have to be. Hugs to you. x