It's getting close now

I am having my lump and sample lymph nodes removed on Monday. I finished work today. It was really strange, making sure all my work is covered, just like when I go on holiday, but for a lot longer period and without the holiday to look forward to! I have been working for 25 years and have never been off before, apart from the odd sick day and holidays. Everyone was really nice. The office had done a collection and bought me presents and a card.

I have never been in hospital before, so am now getting a bit nervous. Going under the anaesthetic scares me a bit, I must confess. I know someone who works at the hospital and know I am number 4 on the list of operations that day, so that means I will have to wait and have more time to worry. I am going to take a good book to take my mind off it.

Thanks to everyone on the site who has given me tips over the past few weeks. I will be going armed with my button up nightie and soft bra!

Bye for now.

Julie N

hi julie, i pray all will go well hon, i,m sure you have everything covered at work, now just sit back and get better, will hold you in my prayers for mon hon
love you

Hiya Julie
I had a lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy a month ago. i was nervous too but the op was really o.k.Its the mental stuff that gets to you all the time. Youll get loads of support here though.
Just wanted to wish you well, it gets better once the ops out the way.
love julieXXX

Dear Ceegra and Julie.

I’m sure I will be fine. I think it’s just starting to sink in now, that’s all. It’s all been a bit like a dream until now.

Thanks for your supportive comments.

Love. Julie. N.

Just wanted to say Good Luck for monday (if those are the right words). Will be thinking of you. Not had my surgery yet but can only imagine as it closer it gets more unsettling. I am not too bad at mo as like you I am continuing to work until surgery 21st August - it all seems a bit surreal - sure I will land with a bump soon.
Thinking of you.

Thanks Anne

As you say it is surreal. I found it best to carry on as normal as possible, going to work, going to the pub/for a meal etc. After all, you don’t feel ill at first and you may as well get on with enjoying life, while you feel up to it. I have bought the TV magazine for next week, as I think that will be about as much excitement as I will get!

Lots of love.


Hi Julie, I had my op last October and I can remember how scary it all was. You are right to carry on as normal, although I found it hard to concentrate at work so I took the last week off and spent time with friends doing things I like doing.
I was also scared most about going under anaesthetic, but someone described it to me as not at all like going to sleep, but more like a split second of being unaware. It was true, I had no feeling of time having passed at all as you do when sleeping. It was as if the whole thing was over in a few seconds. One second you are having drugs in the back of your hand, and then you are waking up again.
I have to go in for reconstructive surgery soon. It should have been next Tuesday, but I have got some nasty insect bites so they have put it off til 29th Aug. I am not even going to think about it until the day before. I intend to go swimming as soon as my bites have healed as that was the thing I missed most after my last op.
I am sure it won’t be as bad as you fear, and your life will soon be back to normal.
Best wishes Heidicat


Just wanted to wish you well for Monday, the waiting between dx, appointments, results and ops has been the hardest part for me, I wanted it all done yesterday so to speak, and I’ve still got to wait until the 16th for my surgery, trying to take everything one stage at a time. I’ll be working up till then as it takes your mind off of it for a few hours.

Anne want to wish you all the best, I’ve been keeping an eye on your thread, I don’t know if I’ll be out of hospital before you go in, so to both of you ladies all good wishes.

Take care


Hiya Julie,

I just wanted to wish you well for your op on Monday. I had a right mastectomy and total axillary clearance in March and remember how I was absolutely shi**ing myself!! Being the weeping willow that I am I cried when I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend as I was wheeled into theatre and then I cried again as I was going under anaesthetic (I always seem to do that!). I’m pleased to say that there were no more tears once I’d come round and the op was over! I was just soooo relieved that the tumour had been removed and all I wanted was my boyfriend and my Ferero Rocher!!!

I wish you all the best for monday, I will be thinking of you and I have no doubt you will be fine! Take care and be sure to let us know how you get on,

Take care,


Hi Julie,
I had my op a month ago and didn’t go down to theatre til 3 o’clock. I read the whole of Liz Smiths biography (nanna from the Royle Family) before I went down! I had never had an anaesthetic before and even 13 years experience as a nurse didn’t allay the nerves.
Good luck

Good luck for Monday Julie, i’m sure you will be fine.
I have just come back home from hospital yesterday after having mastectomy with a dorsi flap recon and total node clearance and implant in other boob which was done on Monday.
I was lucky that I went in hospital at 7am and was wheeled down to theatre at 8.45 so not much time to think. As it was so quick there wasn’t enough time for me to have a pre-med (which is something they give you to relax you), but although it was scary it all happened very quickly and the next thing you know, your’e waking up in the recovery room.
You will get well looked after by everyone.
I wish you a speedy recovery.

Take care



Good luck for monday Julie - you will not have time to worry, you will have to see the surgeon, the aneasthetist, the breast care nurse, fill out all the paper work and be asked about false teeth, jewellery and cotton knickers more times than you could believe. The anaesthetic is much improved - you go out before you know it and come round quickly, if a bit woozy. I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes done and am now onto chemo, and I’m doing fine - you will too. Thoughts will be with you


Ann and Maggie, will be thinking of you both too - you’re right this is the hardest part - the waiting. I found that once I was in hospital and preparing for the op with the paperwork etc, that I became very calm. Almost that I had got to the stage when it was going to happen, I had no choice, and I just relaxed. Never believed it would be like that at all. Will keep watching and following progress.


Thanks Kriss

Maggie x

Thanks everyone for your kind messages. I could not believe how many there were when I logged on. I know I will be fine, but it is nice to admit some fear to people who know what I am going through. I am putting on a brave face for my husband, as he has taken it really badly. It is harder today, as I have kept busy up until now. My husband is a keen gardener and a sun worshipper, so wanted to spend the day in the garden. Once I had read the Sunday papers, I started to feel a bit restless, so decided to log on. It was really nice to read all your messages.

I have just taken the nail varnish off my toes for the op. Kriss - What do you mean about cotton knickers! Are they good or bad? B…Y hell, something else I don’t know about!

Good luck and love to you all.


Good luck to everyone awaiting their ops. I get to find out on Tuesday when my op will be, probably a week or two’s time. I’m having double mastectomy and reconstruction - one bad bit to get rid of but going for the double because of family history. It’s kind of reassuring to see other people posting the same fears, feelings and concerns that I’ve got! Surreal - yes. I’m trying hard to pass the time doing other things. Take care everyone and be kind to yourselves.


Hi Julie

Just seen this thread. Good luck for tomorrow. I had my WLE and axillary clearance last December and I didn’t have to wait much time at all. After I got to the hospital I saw the Breast Care Nurse, Surgeon and Anaesthetist in quick succession and then just had time to go to the loo before they came to take me to the theatre.

Take care
Love Anthi

GOOD LUCK JULIE for tomorrow. I have been there twice and can assure you that the anaesthetic is amazing - it all happens so quickly and you literally go out like a light. I felt fine afterwards just very sleepy. The paper pants they get you to wear for the op are massive and so unfeminine but keep your sense of humour. Also the white socks. Be prepared to wake up and find a couple of tubes coming out of your boob - this is just to drain away any excess fluid so don’t be alarmed. Do please let us know how you get on and ask any questions you have however trivial you think they may be because they are not. Am thinking of you and sending you good karma and a big hug.

Good luck Julie for your op tomorrow - hope it all goes really well. Will be thinking about you.


Thanks everyone. Looking forward to the paper knickers already!