ITS making me loopy!!

ITS making me loopy!!

ITS making me loopy!! Hi Girls

I had my ovaries out at the end of August and although I had some hot flushes I don’t think anyone explained the other possible side effects that would happen.

I do try to pack too much into my days and as someone mentioned to me the other day I am now trying to get back to what was ‘normal’ for me before bc, but to be honest my work load and home life was punishing then, so why the heck do I seem hell bent on getting back into that old routine once again. 'Been there & NOT learned my lesson!

Anyway Im sidetracking, I had worked my 15 hours last week, walked the dogs between 5 - 8 miles per day, then I tried to cook everything from scratch for ‘the family’. This saw me on Sunday, making a casserole, baking an apple pie and two loaves of bread, cleaning walking the dogs and it was perfectly finished off (I was at screaming pitch at this point) trying to mow the garden and I was sure my other half (who was at work) had hidden the cable. I swear I would have committed murder had the poor man been there.

I just felt VERY pmt, but I thought that all that was all finished now!
On Monday I started to feel really queasy and my hot flushes were going strong, by the end of the day I just crawled into bed and slept until 6.30am the following morning.

Anyway, I went to see my lovely lady GP who said that what I was feeling was all due to the lack of oestrogen, (that nasty thing that some of us are allergic to!) when the ovaries are removed it is like walking into a brick wall. My bones all ached, me neck and head were really sore and stiff, I so wanted to develop a really nasty cold or something just so that I could blame it on something.

When I felt the tiredness it took me back to chemo days and it was like a flashback, really dreadful. She recommended that I talk to someone about my feelings.

Anyway, now to have gone on, but basically just wanted to know if anyone else had all these dreadful aches and pains after having their ovaries out?

Love Debbie x

Further Information Hi LancsLass

Sorry you are suffering with menopausal symptoms at the moment. I have given a link below to a factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care which you may find of interest:

I am sure you will also receive further advice and support from other users on the forums.

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Breast Cancer Care

I sound like your twin at the moment, i too had my ovaries out in August and the symtoms are really kicking in now. Hot flushes are quite embarrassing sometimes, i’m never quite sure whether to explain myself when i suddenly become bright red and soaking wet in the company of strangers. Unfortunately this is all happening at the same time that i have gone back too work and trying to be superwoman again, (and failing ) I try to incorporate plenty of excercise into my daily routine, home cooking healthy organic food and lots of quality time with the kids! Most of the time when i’m walking or at the gym my limbs feel fatigued and weak, in a morning i ache so much i feel like the tinman and wish someone would oil the joints.
i am more tired now than i ever was during chemo and rads. My emotions are all over the place and i do catch myself snapping at the kids inapropriately. Its difficult to work out if the moods are caused by tiredness, caused by night sweats and working again or the op and medication (arimidex). i feel some depression around the feeling of suddenly aging, i worry about bone health,hairy chin, grey hair and all the delights of premature aging, this does however, feel shallow and self indulgent considering what we have all been through.
What ever the reasons i am now realising that i need to slow down, I am not quite ready to step back on the world at full speed yet, however frustrating this maybe. I think i need to have smaller, more achievable goals as the sense of failure doesn’t help an already fragile confidence.
I would love to hear tips from others as I am still keen to stick a healthy lifestyle particularly with diet and excercise.

so glad to read your post I too had ovaries out in september and was so glad when i read what you had written last night. Some days i have a real energy spurt then i crash down feeling awful. My head is always fuzzy and can’t seem to think straight, my eyes and ears feel strange and i get loads of headaches, maybe that is from the tamoxifen.I have days of feeling that i can’t cope. I was always a person that was so in control, now i feel like a shadow of my old self. Of all this treatment and stress etc etc ( the list is endless) the one thing that i am now finding so hard is the total lack of energy i have. What i would like to know is will we stay like this??? is this the menopause for us or will we get any better as the years roll on!!! if there are any ladies out there that had ovaries out a few years ago please let me know!!