It's Official !

It’s Official !

It’s Official ! Its now official. My hair is NEVER growing back - ever!
I am the No. 4th woman of the world that Taxatere has done this.
Onc said they had to get intouch with the pharacuticle makers of Tax and they said its only happened to 3 other women and now she has to inform everyone being put on tax that it is a possibilty. She also said its has made her work alot harder because there will be alot of woman refusing tax because of this! TOUGH.
The strangling sensation at the bottom of my throat is caused from the radiation and nothing can be done about that - but i can live with it fine as long as i know its nothing life threatening.
I cant believe my hair will never return - i am only 48.
So, going to get a real hair wig.

Hi Pineapple

So sorry to hear that your hair won’t grow back. That is so so so crap!
Where do you live, did you know that Trevor Sorbie the famous hairdresser cuts women wigs who are having cheom for free. Apparently there is an act to cutting real hair wigs, they have to use razor blades instead of scissors. Might be worth looking into.

I think you do need to look at it as the stuff will probably save your life but the down side is the hair. Having said that it is easy for me to say.

You take care.

PS what is this strangling sensation about.

Love Geraldine45

Hi Geraldine, i live in France, in Brittany so you can only get sheep shearers here ! only joking.
The strangling thing is ; i have had it since 2 months after finishing rads, feels like a lump in throat or someone strangling me everytime i swallow. She said its from the rads-fluid- but theres nothing that can be done.
I also asked about the CA 15.2 blood test. How reliable is it and she said in 88% it will go up if the cancer returns. So to everyone that thinks they are a waste of time 88% is a good indicater i think.
Damn and blast, i burst into tears when i got home because of my hair and nearly gave hubby a heart attack.

Hair Hello Pineapple

So so sorry to hear about your hair, it must be devastating. As if BC isn’t bad enough without that on top.

You have made me realise how fortunate I am, as my hair is now on its way back, very slowly but surely, but I will count myself well off and try to stop letting it get me down.

I understand what you mean about moving on, as I won’t feel anything like back to normal until I get some semblence of normal hair again.

I do hope you can get a great wig, and I am sure all your family will be a great help, take care of yourself and keep posting.

Love and hugs, Deborah xxx

Hi Pineapple

You know that thing that hurts when you swallow, have you tried gavison. I suffer from reflux, long before BC. When my mother died from a stroke and my stress levels were through the roof. I developed a horrid feeling on swallow. I was given gavison 4 times a day and omerzole 20mgs twice a day. It took a month before it resolved. Rads can affect your oesphgeous so might be worth a try.

Love Geraldine

It doesnt hurt, just feels like theres a hand around the bottom of my neck. Also when i shove my shoulders back it looks like there is a little pocket of fluid (or fat!) at the base of neck behind clavicle but got it on both sides. A couple of weeks ago my normal gp sent me for x-ray and also had scan on neck and all looked normal thank god. I did try gaviscon (i lived on it) when i first got this sensation but today the onc said it was def some fluid build up from the rads. Now i know i havent got cancer in the throat i dont really care. Just cant really beleive i will never get my hair back. Determined to have fun in the wig place - will put a photo on my profile when i have it. They are about 6oo Euros for real hair but health cover is paying for it so thats a relief.

Pineapple I’m so sorry to hear about your hair. That is really awful.

I hope you enjoy choosing your wig. In case you want a second one you might like to try The Wig Bank.

I wanted a second one for when I wash my No. 1 wig and got a really nice second hand one from the Wig Bank recently for £15. Agnes who runs the Wig Bank sent me a couple to try after I told her the sort of thing I was looking for.

Best wishes

Thanks, i feel so guilty moaning about something that at the end of the day doesnt matter. Just i feel like i have lost my femininity and with all the weight i am putting on feel like i look like a man.

pineapple ask your Breast Care Nurse to refer you to the Lymphoedema Nurse/Clinic. She/they will show you how to massage the lymph back to where it orta be.
The weight isn’t forever- summer’s nearly here- you can be super healthy on fruit and salads- your skin will glow and NOBODY will mistake you for a feller.
Who wants to hug an ironing board ? I notice that gernerous rounded bums get a LOT of drooly stares form chaps- curves are in again!
Best wishes dilly

Hair- don’t want to raise false hopes- mine was unwilling to resume growth.
Alternated 1tsp oil of rosemary well shaken up with 4 of almond oil [Granny’s remedy]and coconut oil [86p for half a litre] rubbed into scalp nightly after scalp wash [poster’s advice from her expert adviser]. I look like a pompom now- worth trying!
good luck, dilly

I have been massaging in rosemary oil for the last year - nothing!


I’ve no idea if it is any good but people on one of the USA sites
talk a lot about Nioxin Follicle Booster and lots of them seem to have used it. I suppose anything is worth a try.

I seem to remember you said you were going away for a nice weekend. Hope you have a super time.

take care

Thanks i will take that name with me when i go again in 3 months - she seemed very sure when she said " it will never grow back" but will see what they say.The makers of tax have now been told about whats happened so i suppose thats 4 women out of dont know how many thousand.
I am going to Paris on Friday and going to La Louvre then early sat morning flying out to Agadir for a lovely hot sunny week, oh yes and loverlllly food! just to put another kilo or 2 on. lol

wot about eyebrows/eyelashes Is it just your head or have you no hair anywhere else. I didn’t mind being bald but this no eyelash eyebrow has really knocked my confidence. I look so spooky. I would hate for them to never come back. I am on taxotere!! love eileen

eileen, its my hair on head, eyebrowns are hardly there and lashes are very sparse - but i manage to tint them so they show alittle. My pubes are back about 1/3. Everywhere else is normal.
I shouldnt worry if you are a betting person 4 woman out of the rest is pretty good odds. Its just that the clinic i have been treated in here in Brittany had to inform the makers in USA what has happened and they were suprised too and my onc said she has never seen it happen before - ever.

this must be hard to cope with for you. Flipping typical that the one bit you could do without-pubes is the one doing best.take care sharonx