Its snowing

I live in North herts and it hads been snowing since 6.30! Is it snowing any where else ??

Hi Shogun,

I’m in Wiltshire and its sort of snowing here. Had massive hailstones earlier now just sleety snow.


Not in Stockton on Tees but I have been listening to the reports that have warned of snow in the Midlands and further South - makes a change for the North not to get it first!

I’m away up in the hills near Edinburgh and we have absolutely NO snow.

Shame - love getting snowed in!

Hi all
I’m in the West Midlands and it was snowing from about 2-5pm - massive great big flakes!!! Its clearing though now because before that we had both rain and then sleet…

Went to the cinema in Northampton at 2.00pm with my grandson. The weather was pleasant enough. When we came out to the car park we couldn’t understand why cars were driving in covered by thick snow! Very surreal.

Had snow for a while here in Shropshire this afternoon

Just driven to work in Central London and it was a blizard. Will have to see what it’s like when I leave for home in the morning! J

Yes, cycled back from teaching in Central London this eve and stopped to pull jacket hood up - but it was full of hailstones. Freezing cold. Sis phoned from Stirling this morning and it was snowing there also.

Brrr…and it’s only October!

Hi all no snow here in Devon but a heavy frost this morning
Really cold !!!

Snowing in North Manchester! BRRRRR!!!