Its the LITTLE things......

Thought this might raise a laugh or two …

Had my hip replacement and was doing really really well. Was looking forwards to being “signed of” last Friday with the 6 weeks post op surgeon appointment so I could get back in car and be FREEEEEEeeee!

Off came the wretched DVT stockings on the Monday with great celebration and I walked to the bathroom, just on one crutch now…and caught my foot on it mid-motion. It went down between two toes and snapped the baby one near the joint and displaced it so it was pointing out at 45 degrees…

I’m now back on two crutches, in a rigid-soled shoe, non weightbearing from ball of foot to toes and my expected freedom is now in the shape of a wheelchair for more than a jaunt of a few yards… So close and yet so far!!!

I can have IBC, have all the yukky treatment, have major hip surgery and what floors me? A broken toe…! Freedom is not always in the shape expected…

To finish on a positive note; cancer tumour markers have indicated that the current treatment of Aromasin and Zoladex is slowing down progress of secondaries and so I have a 3 months gap from oncology apppointments. So I won’t exactly be “dancing into summer” but at least I can enjoy it without scans and blood tests etc!

Oh poor you! I’m not sure I’d see the funny side of it quite yet.

Hi Haxted

Poor you! It’s incredible how something like a broken toe can have such an effect… You tell the story so well, I was right there with you.

Glad your hip replacement has gone so well, and that you feel so upbeat about everything. Thanks too for your other supporting message on ibc, a horrible disease indeed.

Take care. X

Haxted I can almost feel your pain!

OK so Dancing into summer may be out this year but try Tango into Christmas.

Glad to hear that the Hip surgery went OK and that you have a treatment gap to enjoy

Keep smiling


Oh, Haxted, what a nightmare! So pleased you can laugh about it. A bashed toe can hurt so much, i can’t imagine how a broken one feels.

It’s great news that the surgery went well and that the injections and tablets are slowing things down. I’m on Zoladex and arimidex so it is great to hear a positive story.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and remember to treat crutches with care!

Hi Haxted

Glad to hear your long awaited hip surgery went ahead and all was well, but, sorry to hear about the new little problem. Never mind, things could be a lot worse but it is incredible how you sailed through all the rest and are practically floored with a broken toe, sorry but I had to have a little chuckle.

Next time I bash my toe on the bottom of the bed and say those magic words “s***” I will think of you.

Hope the rest of your summer is trouble free.

Hi to everyone else

Hi Haxted,

Said a few swearwords on your behalf but I bet you got there before me. Other than that… words fail me. I admire your capacity to stay upbeat. I hope it heals quickly and you can take advantage of the improvement the hip replacement should bring.

To give you hope… a friend of mine (who also has BC)had a hip replacement, 2 weeks later tripped over the bedroom rug and broke the other one. Now has 2 hip replacements and is doing just fine.

Hope it goes well from here on in.

Jan xx

Hallo Ladies! Cant help but brag…Got signed off at fracture clinic; toe is healed! Hooray! Now awaiting physio to straighten me back up after 14 weeks on crutches…

Having put on 2 stone since being on Aromasin, first thing I did when I could drive AND walk more easily with just one crutch, was pop to the shops and buy some clothes that actually fit round my vastly expanded middle and bottom… What a differnce that made to my mood! Wonder if I’ll lose weight now I’m not stuck on the sofa… Might have to have another retail therapy session in a couple of months for yet another size clothes… This could get expensive…

Good to hear you’re doing better and hopefully your improved mobility will lead to a bit of weight loss. Have to admit though, all the extra exercise I’ve been doing in preparation for my charity trek hasn’t helped me loose any. Walking really really makes me hungry!!! I’m fitter and fatter. Need to work on the will power I think.

Hope the physio goes well.

Jan xx


Hi Dee Dee! - how nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well?

I’m now in physiotherapy but was finding it hard going plus they were understandably unwilling to lay hands on me in case they broke my bones due to secondaries! So today, was accepted at Salisbury Hospital for hydrotherapy. They were lovely and keen to get me moving properly again and I start on Sept 20th. Can’t BELEIVE that there are NO NHS hydrotherapy pools left in Dorset!Bit of a trek but never mind - will make a day out each week and play lots of uplifting CDs etc in the car!

Hi haxted

Sounds like a bit of a trek. You will be starting this week so good luck. I might be looking to sailsbury as a plastic surgery centre. Have rare encapsulated seroma from surgery and rads too soon. Cant find surgeon that knows too much about this yet but have a lead at sailsbury a plastic surgeon consultant.

Hope you enjoy your hydro. The only one i know of is bath where you live in for a week. I really hope it helps are you in pain or just uncomfortable. I know the arimidex (letrozole) i have to take for 5 years makes me feel 90 years old for a few hours every morning but a recent new baby grand daughter makes it worth while that i am here to enjoy her.

Keep in touch. Lots of love dawn

I cant really say I’m in pain - just crooked and gait like quasimodo where the hip replacement rehab was interrupted by toe break and I was then non-weightbearing and on crutuches for total 14 weeks. My pelvis didn’t know which way it was supposed to be and so froze, bent in protestation and everything else “referred” to it! Knees pretty uncomfortable when I try to use them (i.e. clutch control or going up stairs) but all in all its restricted mobility rather than pain.

Might see you at Salisbury then! I’ll be the one with longish hair now (seem to remember it was fairly short post-chemo when we met in hosptial) dripping wet from the pool. I’ll be there weekly for 6 weeks 1:1 and then may apparently use their other, warm exercise pool to carry on unaided. PM me if you end up there and will trot along again if it matches in!

Sorry to hear of problems you’ve been having - I do hope they get resolved…