IV antibiotics needed?

Hi. I had surgery almost 4 weeks ago (lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node removal). I had a seroma around the lymph node incision that was drained twice. Then last week I started to feel unwell, on Friday was put on 1g flucloxacillin 4x a day for an infection. Within 24hrs my aches & chills had disappeared - great! But the redness around the area seems to be fluctuating. I was told if the redness spread I might need IV antibiotics. I’m being treated privately so over the weekend my contact options with my team are limited. They are also over an hours drive away. I’m reluctant to go to A&E and spend the day surrounded by germs and not resting (chemo starting soon). What do people think? Photos attached from Friday Saturday and today.

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I had similar but with surgery on my leg , antibiotic tablets did not work and the redness spread ,I did need IV antibiotics .I think it would be sensible to go to A and E ( sorry :frowning:) as these things need to be dealt with quickly . I have found A and E to be pretty quiet on a Sunday morning . Your other alternative is to ring 111 for advice but they may well take a while to get back to you and then advise you to go to A and E anyway . Let us know how you get on . Jill

From experience - it’s best to get help early . Jill is right about morning being a good time to go to A+E . I understand your concern re infection so take a good quality mask with you - there will be FFP2 masks available anyway. Sometimes if you ring A+E they can give you an appointment to come in .
Some areas have a service where if only IV antibiotics are needed , you can have a cannula inserted and someone can come and give these to you at home .

You could also try NHS 111 online which would advise you of any out of hours services in your area . Where we are you can submit an online form which is read by an out of hours GP who calls you and arranges an appointment for you with another out of hours GP .

I think you need to get some help today
Take care


Thank you both. I managed to speak to a staff nurse on a BC ward, who spoke with a consultant. As I’m feeling generally ok (no fever, chills, aches etc), he’s happy for me to continue the oral ABs and see me in clinic tomorrow for a check. Keeping an eye on it in the meantime.
Now if my stomach would settle that would be lovely……! :sob::woozy_face: the joys of ABs!


Well from the pic it does look a little better than yesterday but if it gets worse or you start to feel unwell then get help before then. I sympathise re the antibiotics :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Dial 111
You can get something that causes CELULITIS.


Just tell them in an NHS A&E
that you are at risk.

Some cancer patients carry a card it’s so important.
Don’t neglect yourself although BCN helpline is closed on a Sunday
Macmillan are open 08 am till 8 pm.

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How’s your infection @anonaug23 ?