Iv chemo too toxic

Dealing with stage 4 for 10 years. 12 yers ago It started in the breast then on the bones and now in the liver.

Widowed so, I have to be able to function. Chemo IV wipes me out.

Hello, Sorry to hear that.

Are you on IV chemo at the moment? Which one? Is there any kind of alternative?

You are doing extraordinarily well to have survived for so long. Would it help to talk to Macmillan or one of the nurses on the BCN site? Yjou don’t say what kind of  breast cancer you have?

Keep your pekker up. 

Angel Eyes x 

Hi Terry

Ring the Macmillan number for your hospital and explain your situation. You should qualify for home support in some way, surely? The chemo is essential but, if you can’t manage it, discuss it with your oncologist. Maybe the dose can be adjusted or you can have a break. 

As a newbie on the secondary scene, I take my hat off to you. 10 years is amazing and gives me hope. Thank you xx